Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 57 of 84

Long Slow Run day ;) Beautiful day, not too hot, but didnt get going early and ended up running between 10 and 12 today.

13 km down, didnt go too bad, 1:32.27 But did have a pee break and didnt stop watch so take off a little for that lol
Left thigh got a little cramped somewhere around 12 km.
Ran up WMR to get the 13 km in. That's a crappy hill to end a run on.
Left calf tight tonight.

Got home and felt pretty good, drank some water before and on the run, but once in shower got very nauseous and ended up laying down for a half hour after stretching. This had happened once before on an unusally long run; but felt fine during the run. Not sure what the cause of nausea half an hour later would be.

Good run over with :)

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