Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 42 of 84

Half way through the training for a half marathon. and its Mother's Day so I totally flaked on my run.
On the schedule today was a 5 K race and I could have gone and made my own personal little 5 K race. But instead I stayed in bed. I could have done the 11 K run I had intended. But I went for lunch. And I could have gone this afternoon between the rains. But I went for a nap instead.

I could blame the girls that invited me out last night. And the chatting we did until 230 in the morning. But I wont. lol it was totally worth the lack of sleep that made me feel like I had drank way more than that one bottle of water. lol.

I just didnt feel it today.

So I did have some activity; a ball hockey game tonight with lots of running and crushing. It was fun.
Run tomorrow which should be rest day; this means 4 days of running unless I cross train Wednesday.

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