Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 49 -Bluenose Marathon 10 km Run!!

Ran the Bluenose 10 Km run this morning and despite some concerns I had with the weather it was awesome!
The crowd at the Metro Center was amazing. What a lot of different characters we saw :)

My biggest dilemna was Do I wear the Jacket or do I NOT? hahah It was not really warm at about 15 C but too warm for running with a coat but it was drizzling and raining off and on and I didnt want to be too cold and wet, I had forgotten my long sleeved running shirt so I didnt have that option which looking back would have been IDEAL but my options were coat or I wore the coat. And by 1 km in I was unzipping the armpits and the thing was flapping around hahah but I am kinda glad I did have it, it was chilly and very very windy.


Which leads me to the run - it could have been far worse.

LIning up at the start - big crowds. We didnt even try to get to the front; content to remain mid-field.
Scott took photos for us; this is people lined up for the start of the 10 K race - 1903 people entered for it.

Coming around the first corner.

The first 2 km were pretty non-eventful. We crossed the big bridge over the harbour and the first time wasnt too bad, it was slippery but not very long and not very steep and totally manageable. Reading the Race Etiquette/Peaves thread helped me be a more considerate runner; I wish some others had read it, I ran into more than a few people but it wasnt too bad.

after the bridge, there was a steeper hill; it was the only steep one lol. The others were more gradual.

The second time over the bridge (because one has to go back) was nasty. The wind picked up (as did the drizzle) and it was pushing me back and forth. And it was face on so it was hard to catch breath. I walked 30 seconds here.

From the end of the bridge it was a sprint to the end which was another long gradual hill (ugh hills)!
A nice blurry photo of me running for the finish. I was SO fast that I totally blurred everything.
Also blurry ;)

At the finish waiting for people to move. The finish was a bit of a circus, they rushed us through there so fast we almost didnt have time to get the chips off; almost didnt get a medal hehehe
The medal

Official 1:07:36.7 Chip 1:04:15.0

This is 4 minutes faster than my best practice 10 K which was a nice flat trail...Im really happy with it! lol

And passing people was a really nice feeling :):)

The after-race was very crowded lol and messy. I wish I had gotten one of those cool space blankets; Im always SO darned cold after a run and today I was sopping wet. We changed clothes fast to something dry; we saw a lot of naked butts changing right in the open hahahahahah
dry and warm again :)
Laura and Bill found us after their Half Marathon!

Great day for a race ;)

1291 TERI-LYNN MASTERS MURRAY SIDING 3956 1:07:36.7 1:04:15.0 6:46 Women 30 - 39 226/399 700/1203

1291 /1903 people ran the 10 K
226/399 ladies in my age range running the 10 K
700/1203 women ran the 10 K

An hour long Ball Hockey game in the evening completed the workout for Sunday :)


Rebecca said...

Wow! That's just so incredible. You're actually a marathon runner! Congratulations on your great time. The medal is wicked cool, too.

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper) said...

Way to go! Congrats on a great time and completing the maraton!

grammy perkins said...

Did I mention how proud I am of you!!! Now seeing the pictures has really made it hit home. What a race!!! You are awesome for achieving such a milestone. Love you, daughter of mine!!!!

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