Monday, February 24, 2014

The Race Wasn't.

It did not happen for me. :( I am sad about missing a good fun looking event but can't really argue with reason; the weather was dangerous and roads were treacherous between here and the fun time. We would have had to cross a mountain that is questionable on sunny days and it wasn't worth the risk to car and life :( If we were closer it would have been a really nice day to run; the winds were not as bad as they could have been and all :/ but it wasn't to be.

I have been doing workouts at the gym I've become associated with and they are really hurting my running workouts :/ Im not sure if Im just getting old or if I am not working out there enough? I can often barely move for days after any workout. The yoga classes I take there are quite awesome but the fitness is killing me. And its getting in the way of my running so I really have to take a look at what Im doing.

Diet is still crap, Im not making any headway there. I just am too lazy to change now ;) If I could resist the stuff the kids are always baking and making....

So nothing new here.

I did a fun race on Saturday with Holly; ran a winter Triathlon/Duathlon called the Abominable Snowman race, with skis, snowshoes, and sneakers. I did the snowshoe/Run part and it was incredibly hard. It was a beautiful day, with warmish temps. Rain the night before took away little of the snow, but left it slushy and heavy :/ So apparently the skiing was tough, the snowshoeing was ok, I never ran in snowshoes before but it wasn't as bad as I thought. I did the 1.5 km loop in 15 minutes plus. then I dumped the snowshoes and went off with sneakers; I had trail shoes but in a foot of slush and water they weren't very useful. 3 laps of 1.5 km were hard :) And wet!  Total time for the 6 km was 49:24 or something like that. But there wasn't a stable step so hips were killing.

And then Sunday morning before the Olympic Gold Medal hockey game (mens) I had to get my long run in so I met some friends at 6 am and we did 14 km. Right from the start I had a sore hip and tired legs from afternoon before, run finished but short of distance and I was nauseous (wtf?) and couldn't wait to get home. Hockey game was awesome, Canada Gold again :) the girls had hockey games for the rest of the day and we were all tired by night. Annika got very sick and we had a fairly sleepless night :)

Now its Monday yet again and Im not sure where Im going from here :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Upcoming "Race"

I have trouble thinking any run in February could be a race. Weather conditions are always questionable and we are expecting in the next 3 days snow, rain (think flood) and then snow. Maybe a foot.  Race day? Sun. But after all that weather?  Who cares LOL. The cold takes it out of a runner and my run times lately have been dismal. I say its the weather but its likely that Im getting old and carrying 5 pounds more than I was last year.
Im in taper this week, but I managed on Tuesday to do a fun "bootcamp" sort of class with only 6 exercises in it but 4 of them were "squatty" and my legs are trashed. I then ran 8 km which I hoped would stretch things out but yesterday I was sore and today walking is unpleasant :) Last night I walked and then ran at the RECC and put some of the girls through a fun little workout 10 exercises for 10 minutes; it was good while moving but I hobbled last night. Im thinking today doesn't need to be a workout day but I want to go to yoga tonight. I believe that would be helpful.
I feel lately that workouts are making me more sore than they used to :/ Im not working out more or less than I used to but many leave me too sore for activity for days and are interfering with other things. Like using the bathroom ;)
Ive been thinking more and more that Id like to cut way down on bread and grains, and cut more sugar out of my diet. I am not really looking for weight loss; more looking at things like feeling tired all the time and my family history of late onset diabetes. I cannot seem to, however, control my cravings for breads and ice cream.  Its a work in progress :)
Everything is a work in progress ;)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Status Unknown

Im here at the moment is all I am sure about. Nothing has changed and nothing is going to in the near future. But I am running and managing to be active and I have not resorted to crawling under the covers of the bed to hide from the stress and anxiety that plague every day, so Im winning so far. Not for long tho.

I write now because I managed a long run Sunday.  A real long run;) which I haven't in awhile. It snowed the night before and was forecast for wind so I wasn't sure the run would go, and I got up late so was only able to do some of the run with the group Ive been running with and finished the last 8 km alone. But I did run! 18.5 km in 2:04:21 which I know isn't great but it was slippery and I finished :)

I then skipped spartan training, cleaned some gym, watched a hockey game, and did heated yoga which wasn't strenuous tonight and had a lot of chanting ;) and funny breathing....and sitting.

I have a half marathon in 2 weeks. Im not ready ;)

Monday ended up an inactive rest day but today looks amazing :)

2012 km Goal