Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Status Unknown

Im here at the moment is all I am sure about. Nothing has changed and nothing is going to in the near future. But I am running and managing to be active and I have not resorted to crawling under the covers of the bed to hide from the stress and anxiety that plague every day, so Im winning so far. Not for long tho.

I write now because I managed a long run Sunday.  A real long run;) which I haven't in awhile. It snowed the night before and was forecast for wind so I wasn't sure the run would go, and I got up late so was only able to do some of the run with the group Ive been running with and finished the last 8 km alone. But I did run! 18.5 km in 2:04:21 which I know isn't great but it was slippery and I finished :)

I then skipped spartan training, cleaned some gym, watched a hockey game, and did heated yoga which wasn't strenuous tonight and had a lot of chanting ;) and funny breathing....and sitting.

I have a half marathon in 2 weeks. Im not ready ;)

Monday ended up an inactive rest day but today looks amazing :)

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