Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I've fallen off the face of the earth, hiding in my house and avoiding all the stuff. It's been nearly 2 months and there is nothing new.

I'm still unemployed. There's nothing out there in my field :/

Kids are settled into their sports and activities with lots of fall soccer games, cross country meets, 4H shows, hockey practices and games, drama practices, and social times.

I coached the high school XC team again, it was a good season. :)

Im making lots of Christmas bows. Hopefully that will see us through christmas and into the rest of winter:/

I am still running of course but did not do the marathon; those things aren't free and I needed new sneakers instead.

I'm sitting in an airport In Toronto, waiting to go home. The trip to the Royal Winter Fair for 4H is over. Mind blowing that we wait so long and now we are heading home. I've loved Toronto to visit; not to live. But we have done so much while we have been here; Annika and I were not involved in the 4H show so we had flexibility; not to mention she turned 11 while we were here so her wish was our command.  We saw the fair, CN  Tower, rode the subway and city bus, swam in the pool, ran. Yup I ran in Toronto downtown at 6 am. It was awesome.

I'll plan to add detail to Interesting parts of this post.   Still in a bit of a crappy place.  

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Char said...

I'm so sorry that you still don't have work. It's so awful having to pull in the purse strings and budget for everything and cut out everything except the bare essentials. And it's awful having to worry about it. I really hope something turns up soon and this time can become just part of your history.

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