Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ch Ch Changes

Since last post the wheels have kinda come off a bit; reflecting on it isnt much fun so I have not really felt at all like writing anything :( I will keep it simple...after 6 years of teaching and doing everything asked and going above and beyond reasonable I did not get a new contract at the college and therefore at the ripe old age of 40 I am again job-hunting. I can't sleep and dont feel much like doing anything so I am completely going through the motions of what needs to be done. End.

The bike ride on the Shubie course was good. It was hilly and it was hard. But good. I did it twice in preparation for my race ahead.  The wind was a killer; it was gusty just how I Like It; I felt like I was going to be shoved without warning in front of a car, and it always seemed to be in front of me no matter that it was an out and back course.
We found that one bike fits super slick in the back of the Jetta if we don't have any of the kids with us ;) Its a great way to travel.

We were almost home when the "call" came so that kinda ruined Friday night.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and took Holly to Oxford to show her Jersey calf. 
Both Holly and the calf did super well. It was an open show and May won her class in Conformation, then was chosen Grand Champion of the show which made Holly's day. Holly showed in the showmanship class and won her class although not overall; she did beat her father which was awesome. Important show since Holly's calf was shown against some of her competition for Pro Show, so a good preview.
Fast forward a little and School started this week; the kids are in grades 5, 7, and 10.
Cross Country has started and I am coaching the highschool team again. We had practice Thursday and Friday and there was lots of running. I had a run in the Park on Thursday and one on the road on Friday, so lots of km for me :)
 With the lack of sleep and resulting lack of training coupled with the fact that I strained my hamstring and cant seem to bear swimming in the lake, I kinda lost my mind and pulled out of the Tri I was supposed to do on Sunday. Not in health or mental spot to do something like that :( Instead I travelled with Scott and Holly to Cape Breton for the U14 Soccer Provincials :) Holly's team did good to get there; their playoff game was a nail biter. We got up at 430 am to get to the first game on time; we made it with time to spare but were really sleepy.

they lost their first game 1-0 as they did not come out playing but very slow and tentative :( They could have won....
Their second game they played better but tied the team 2-2 which again they could have beat them...and just did not.
We checked into the hotel and other than a trip to the hot tub and a short dip in the pool, we didnt move again and were all sleeping by like 9 pm.
The next morning was the third game, which again they could have won to put them in the Bronze medal game, but they tied 0-0 and the other team went to the Bronze Medal game. There was a goal called back, a post, a missed net....they really came out to play and just did not get the goals they needed, even tho they also didnt give up any. It was too little too late.
So a good trip to CB nonetheless and off home we went.

Monday morning I did a long run and wouldnt you know it, it was a great run. I had 19 km on schedule and did 23 easily and finished hopping. I could have gone way more. Typical. Im not sure I am able to do the marathon next month; money is super tight and these things are not free. Scott has started a new job and its hard to say how that will go. 
So today I am sitting here looking at ads for jobs I am not the least bit interested in :( Go me. weather is crappy, not planning to run and its windy so I dont feel like biking. This is not a happy place to be :(

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