Thursday, February 13, 2014

Upcoming "Race"

I have trouble thinking any run in February could be a race. Weather conditions are always questionable and we are expecting in the next 3 days snow, rain (think flood) and then snow. Maybe a foot.  Race day? Sun. But after all that weather?  Who cares LOL. The cold takes it out of a runner and my run times lately have been dismal. I say its the weather but its likely that Im getting old and carrying 5 pounds more than I was last year.
Im in taper this week, but I managed on Tuesday to do a fun "bootcamp" sort of class with only 6 exercises in it but 4 of them were "squatty" and my legs are trashed. I then ran 8 km which I hoped would stretch things out but yesterday I was sore and today walking is unpleasant :) Last night I walked and then ran at the RECC and put some of the girls through a fun little workout 10 exercises for 10 minutes; it was good while moving but I hobbled last night. Im thinking today doesn't need to be a workout day but I want to go to yoga tonight. I believe that would be helpful.
I feel lately that workouts are making me more sore than they used to :/ Im not working out more or less than I used to but many leave me too sore for activity for days and are interfering with other things. Like using the bathroom ;)
Ive been thinking more and more that Id like to cut way down on bread and grains, and cut more sugar out of my diet. I am not really looking for weight loss; more looking at things like feeling tired all the time and my family history of late onset diabetes. I cannot seem to, however, control my cravings for breads and ice cream.  Its a work in progress :)
Everything is a work in progress ;)

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Char said...

I'd like to cut down on the refined sugars in my diet and then I go and bake cupcakes and lick my fingers - oops.

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