Sunday, September 9, 2012

It continues

Today was a massive Fail.  On the run, on productivity...
But let's rewind back to Thursday...
When I had a really sweaty gross run.  But not a bad run.

Thursday night I went out and played Hockey. Why not? Have to start sometime.
Friday after lectures, I met a friend, kinda talked her into going 16 km, and off we went. I had a granola bar just before so thought I would be ok for food even tho we would be gone into Lunchtime.  We picked a route that took us through the park and back around town.  And I was fine, right up to the last 2 km.  Then I felt hungry and like it took some concentration to put one foot in front of the other.  Just before we got to the end, we had to stop at a stop light.

And I felt the blackness closing in on me.  Narrowing my sight to right in front of me.  I walked around the light pole looking like a complete moron. I couldnt stand still.  I gasped air and didnt want to sit because that would have been it.  It was a little unnerving.  Last week, a runner in town died at the end of a long run, due to an aneurism.  I sure did not want to be the next runner to pass out on a street corner. :( With these thoughts in my head, the light turned and we finished our 16 km.  But I hated every second of those last 2 km.

A couple of weeks ago I was doing 27 km. Now 16 feels like crap.  What is wrong with me?

A couple of hours later I had the first meeting with this year's Cross Country Runners!  It was a good meeting even tho I screwed up and was late.  We finish the meeting with an easy run to the park where the team will meet for runs.  I hated every step of that mile, and every step back :( ok not every one, but it wasnt a fun run.  19 km total for the day. Who cares how long it took ;)

That night my legs and hips got super tight and I started having trouble lifting them, like when you step up or get into a car.  I know what that's about; hockey! It was hockey coming back to haunt me.  Im out of shape for that.

Saturday I had a rest day because I was not walking well.  We had all sorts of running around and errands and I was just tired from poor sleep and late night.  Too bad, it was a nice albeit hot day. 

Because Sunday I had planned to go for a run with some other people.  And I got up and found I was alone with my kids and they had to get to church 25 minutes away.  It frustrates me when I make plans and then have them foiled by someone else's plans!  :( I got ready and got the kids to church (late) but almost at the same time as I was dropping them off, it started to rain. No, rain would be an understatement.  POUR.  And rain is one thing, but strong wind blowing it sideways does not appeal to me. 

I watched the rain for awhile in resigned disappointment.  At least if I had been out running when the rain started...but beginning is super hard.  And then for the rest of the day I had things to do; Holly had to go to hockey, I had Cross country practice. I ran with the kids, but it was not a good run.  It was choppy and there was walking because there were some new runners and I was talking to them.
Today was a total FAIL.  Supposed to be a long run. But to be honest I am a little nervous to go for a long run alone, without anyone to call for a pity-pick-up. I will have to get over it. Im so off track for Marathon running! :(:(:(:(:(

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