Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another Better Week in Progress

This week has gone much better than many of my previous weeks have gone.  Of course I am not doing anything differently. Maybe I am just adjusting to some changes in eating and sleeping, and it's agreeing with me.
Whatever it is, Im not knocking it.

Monday was busy. Like...every day is busy.  but with Scott away and Cross Country practices and stuff, just super busy.  I attended Cross Country with the highschool and had them do a variety of things. Some had not worked out on Sunday and those runners did some intervals. Others had done their Sunday run, and they did an easy run.  After I got them going I left with my kids and went to MIL's house for supper. Since we were early, Taylor and I had a chance to go for our run on the Trail; She did warm up 5 minutes walk and 25 minutes run and I ran out 2.5 and back 2.5 so we finished at the same time, 5 km in 30 minutes flat for me. The headwind on the way back was humbling ;)

Tuesday I chose a rest day; managed to put enough stuff off that I could attend Holly's first soccer game with the junior high; even tho she didnt play very much, I thought it was a fun game.  She likely has to do her time as the littlest 6th grader; but after watching her get equal time and play so well all summer it's hard to watch her sit on the bench at school games.  On the other hand the game was SUPER rough and some of those kids are 3 years older than she is, so maybe its ok.   I find when players are not as skilled they resort to rough play so it's not surprising.

Wednesday was the XC team's first meet; my kids ran at it as well.  And I had to miss it. :(:(:(  It was incredibly hard to have to stay in Truro when all those runners went away to run.  I finished my lab and clean up, and headed home at about supper time.  I changed and headed out for a drizzly 8 km loop, which I thought I was really doing super well on; I did the first 4 plus km in less than 24 minutes, then really pushed it harder to do up to 7 in 38 minutes and change...thought was pretty good, til I got to the top of my hill and towards home and realised I was still over 50 minutes. would like to get there in less than 50....SIGH. 51:19 for 8.6 km and 5:58 pace.  If I could skip that darned hill.....
Taylor Intermediate in her first 4 km race!

Holly Junior In her first 3 km race :):)

I was very proud of both of my girls for finishing their first races!
Thursday; All of my kids were dealt with, so after picking up Annika and getting her to Scott, and sending the XC kids off on a recovery jog, I headed up into the top part of the park where Ive never been, and explored. I had a time limit of an hour since Holly had a soccer game at the JR high at supper time, so I really pushed it. The first half was UP, climbing for freaking ever with a few rollers in the middle.  I went so far on this new path, which felt very isolated. I didnt know where it went, so I turned back at a little over 5 km and took the fastest, straightest route back to my car, much of it downhill.  YAY :)  10.2 km in 1:03:20, felt like I had worked hard. It was raining and super muggy.  Stood at the soccer game for 2 hours after that, and ended up feeling pretty sick with a headache and nausea and just plain achiness.  So home and rest and work for the evening.
Friday could have been rest day :) but I worked out instead with the XC runners; some speedwork is much needed.
6 X 30 second sprints uphill...followed by 4 X 60 second sprints up the same hill.  warm up and cool down brought estimate of 5.25 km done.  Good workout.
Now sitting here on Saturday morning wondering if my Beer Mile this afternoon is considered an adequate workout or if I should get something else in as well.  But as I am still sitting here, it's not looking good.  Its too late to run now before Holly's hockey scrimmage, and afterwards I might not want to. It's supposed to rain really well. Maybe this is a rest day.  

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