Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Week Flies By

I actually thought I had like a month of relaxing before I had to get into another training schedule.  And then someone mentioned their training and I thought I might want to actually figure out when I had to start training for a Fall Marathon.  And I was kinda surprised to find I actually had about 10 days.  10!  Ugh. 
Im toying with the idea of spending the next few weeks on some serious Tri training and then jumping into the Marathon training whereever it leaves me, and only keeping up the long runs according to plan in the meantime. I mean, Tri training includes running, so if I follow that plan, and keep long runs intact, I should be able to pick it up once a Tri is done. Unless I decide after my first that I never want to run another marathon because I want to do Triathlons forever LOL

Recovery from the Cabot Trail Relay was much nicer than the Bluenose.  There was no soreness or excess tiredness.  Maybe the less heat, the less hills.  The less distance :)

On Sunday I didnt go for a run, saved energy for the Ball Hockey Game we had in the evening. We went to church, for the kids closing of Sunday school. This was the option that seemed most family-oriented, rather than the Orienteering race I wanted to try out. I guess there will be another one. We lunched in Old Barns and then picked up some plants before the girls and I saw the last performance of Taylor's school Musical, The Music Man Jr. 

Of course by the time the game came around I was tired, And I didnt feel like playing. Sad. We didnt have a great game, losing 4-0. :(

Monday I ran with the Ball Hockey Girls :) I think that's the name of our running group. BHGs. We did 5.4km Walk/Run with Intervals of 90 seconds run 60 seconds walk. More or less. Annika had Soccer Practice. Taylor had TKD.

Tuesday I did the 10 k Greenfield Loops. 10.4 km in 1:03:48 for 6:08 minute kms.  It felt good. Holly had Soccer, someone else took them.

Wednesday was a run with the BHGs, 5.4 km of same intervals and then I did 2.4 km of sprints of 200 m of at least 5 km pace with 200 m easy between, 5 intervals and a cool down. 7.8 km total.  Annika was supposed to have soccer but rain cancelled it. It didnt really rain SIGH.  Taylor had TKD.

Thursday the kids had no school so I did 4.1 super easy km with Holly on our hill.  Hills are your friend.  Holly had Soccer.

Friday Toni was home, and we met for a run that was a little more than I expected lol 13.22 km which was good but a little hard and we were pretty tired by the end so we snuck through back yards to cut our run short :)  1:22:42 minutes with 6:15 minute kms.  Not a bad "easy" run.  lol She'd been away all week so was looking to make up some miles I think! That night Annika had a game in Antigonish that Scott took her to and Taylor had a 4H dog meeting.  We had a ball hockey game which we won quite easily.  Meh it happens Lol.  even backing off for the second half saw the ball in the net many times. We didnt really want to back off too much, as we never have chances to feel like we are succeeding. lol

Saturday was a more restful day. The kids got up and went to wash their calves.

 I met them there on the bike; 19 km at a not too speedy pace. (I dunno what it was, around 55 minutes including some stops LOL) 

Then they made cookies, we clipped the goat, did a few chores.

Sunday morning long run became Sunday morning split run with me running to town (8.5 km) at a tempo pace (48:15 minutes or 5:40 minute kms) to meet up with the BHGs, then we did 5.4 km at the same intervals as before, total 13.9 km.  The kids had a soccer game in the afternoon,

followed by a band concert for Taylor

 and a visitation for a dear family friend :( Long day :(

Monday I had a work trip and didnt get back to town until supper time. Annika had a soccer game; she is so cute when she plays goalie which she loves....

It was just as cold and rainy as it looks.

then we went to meet the BHGs for 5.3 km of more intervals. 

Tuesday?  Whew.  Oh yes. goes in my log as the WORST. RUN. EVER.  I was tired at the start, and dragged my ass through every freaking km of the 9.5 we did.  58:45. SUCKED. I went home and went to bed lol.  Well almost.  I know there are just some runs that kick your ass and maybe I need more sleep, or something. But this was not a fun run.  Holly had soccer and I drove them to Stellarton where I sat and did nothing during their practice ;)  The others had 4H.

Wednesday was morning of workshop at college, then a quick run with Toni, 8.3 km in 50:40.  It was a little better than the day before.  Pick up kids, get ready for Athletic Awards at the highschool, saw the Cross Country team together for the last time (always sad until the new team comes together next year).  It was a late night last night.

Which brings us back to this morning where Ive done NOTHING. But been grumpy. Maybe a rest day.  Before my whole family disowns me. 

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