Thursday, June 21, 2012

Accidently Forgot to Post any Blogposts

Because Im just too busy out DOING stuff!  Im picking out paint for my bedroom, started Marathon training, Driving the kids to their STUFF, and pretending I have nothing else looming LOL like a work trip and stuff.

And when I do sit down, Ive been doing some serious relaxing.

Last day I wrote, I didnt run. Must have been a rest day. One would assume anyway.  I was just beat, and I sat on the couch all day with my knitting ;)  I couldnt get moving if I tried!

But the next day, I got it.  I woke in the early hours with a sore throat.  And stuffed up.  I had a COLD.  I manned up, got dressed, and I had a nice run in the park. With Toni. She was very understanding of my sickness, but I actually felt better the further we went.  I made her suffer over some very technical Mountain Biking trails, and we covered about 7.5 km in the woods (estimate).  We ran for 50.39 minutes.

I rested in the afternoon, and then Holly's class had a class party, which was The Amazing Race. :):) It was cute!  I had a group of girls and we RAN around town, following clues and getting questions answered :) I left from there to go to a Ball Hockey game (which totally sucked we lost SO bad.)  Lots of activity for such a sick day. And ya know what the first day of a cold feels like. I was eating Cold Fx like candy :)

Saturday I love Saturday!  I think tho that we didnt do much. Its a blur now, nothing comes to mind. Maybe, was the the day Holly had soccer...yes thats it. It rained enough to float an ark, and she played soccer in it :) we went home between games and threw all her gear in the dryer, it rained a little less for the second game but really the motivation to go run was low. I did, after the rain slowed, take the dogs for a long walk. I got totally drenched with long grass, mud, and sprinkling rain. But a nice walk.

Sunday, The kids got up early and went to the cows so I went for a run, 8.8 km with Toni and then another couple by myself before Scott and the kids came along and picked me up, we had so much to do!  We had a 4H scrapbook meeting in the afternoon, then the BH girls were supposed to meet but somehow it was a miss, so Holly and Annika and Maggie and I did 3.55 km in Bible Hill.  Holly's ankle is very sore :(

Monday was another Do Little day, after supper I biked for 20 km (54 minutes over East Mountain) and Im pretty sure I saw a Bobcat on the mountain ;) I biked to meet the BH girls at the AC and we did 5.7 km walk/run.  Holly still sore.

Tuesday Scott went away so I got my run in while the kids were in school and while Annika was at a 4H meeting and Holly was at soccer with another mom, I walked the dogs for another 4.25 km, added to the morning 8.7 km run; lots of moving!:)

Wednesday night I ran while Annika was at soccer practice; it was later in the evening which never feels really good. I ran the long way around to the bottom of a hill in town, with about 5 km warm up. I ran up the hill 3 times; it was only 200 m so not too long but very steep.  3 repeats, and it was time to get back to the field for the end of practice :)8.6 km in 53 minutes.

Thursday was my day to take the kids to soccer in New Glasgow so I got to run over there again. Rather than the hilly neighborhoods, I went towards the highway, and back through the busy restaurants and by the hospital. Sidewalks were good but I didnt love that area :) Less hills tho.  I looped around downtown and back to the soccer field for 7 km even, 42:35 minutes.  This was the first day with the iPhone; this thing has Apps that are really awesome and need some learning :)

Friday; after 5 days of running it was time for a rest day.  We walked the dogs for a couple of km and I had a ball hockey game in the evening, but the rest was a "rest" day ;)  Active rest day.

Saturday we were up early and off to New Glasgow for Holly's soccer games. She had 2 games and a classroom session between, so I took all of the kids and went.  The first game was super good with a tie at the end; we did a little visiting while Holly was at her class session and then we went to the Johnny Miles Race packet pick up and I registered Holly for her run and picked up our stuff.  Holly's second game was just as good with her mixed team pulling ahead by a goal just before the end ;) home and sleepy :)

More on that in another post :)

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