Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What I've been up to :)

More catch up posting :) It is Tuesday morning and Ive been slack. In many ways :)
Friday despite planning loads of things I didnt do much other than play a ball hockey game. It's so hard to get back into that sport; Im not ready for Ice hockey to be over; running that rink is so much less fun than skating it. and slow!  And nasty. Yeah for the 3rd year our first game was against the nastiest team in the league, and we generally lose to them by very high scores. This game?  0-1.  We lost, but with that score, this is like a win. It is in large part thanks to our awesome goalie, she was simply amazing and kept all but one ball out. But to our credit, we did keep the play in their end way more than usual, and had some good chances :) I hoep this is a sign of a good season to come :)  I only had one injury, when a SUPER AWFUL player from the other team choose to check me from behind rather than let me beat her to the ball, and laughed all the way to the penalty box. Because apparently it is fun for a 19 year old to push down the old woman who was beating her ass to the ball.  SIGH.  A few bruises but otherwise ok. I hate the idea of being injured over something stupid, I dont love ball hockey THAT much. 
Speaking of injured, tailbone hell continues.  Im moving easier in a lot of ways, same in others. If I have to spend much time sitting I get super uncomfortable and have a lot of trouble getting up.  Driving is about the worst!  because there is no position I can sit in that does not directly impact the tailbone.  I hope this ends soon.
Saturday I kind of managed to do very little for most of the day, before finally putting on sneakers and heading off on a run. It was nice and sunny and a little warm, but windy, and rather than wait for Sunday to do a long run (forecast Rain) I  turned a different way and did the long run on Saturday.
I could only do 10 km. I walked 3 times. My butt and hamstrings were SO tight, I was running this stiff, short-strided shuffle, and no matter what I tried I could not loosen up.  Misery. I was really tired really early, legs were heavy and knees were complaining.  LOL Im glad I could go 10 km, but it was very humbling.  Im getting really worried about the Cabot Trail Relay; long, hilly, with a time limit SIGH.
But the long run is done for the week; 1:09. Walked a bit at the end.
Sunday I did nothing. I think I took this Weekend of no Commitments a little too far and other than some gardening I didnt do a thing ;)
Monday I jumped back in, up at 530 am with P90X Legs and Back workout.  It was ok, legs were tired, hands sore (gardening?).  At suppertime I went 6.4 km up the hill and back, 41:20.  Then I did 3.5 km more with the Glenabbey Run Club walk/run program. I was thinking about doing these runs in little shoes; maybe a little barefoot or neat running would be good for my feet/legs?  But its been pretty cold so far.

Now It is Tuesday morning. I woke VERY sore this morning and with little sleep after listening to Scott snore for hours.  Good times.  I thought after the kids left I should go for a bike ride. After some mechanical issues (flat tires, seat in a way low position) I got off and did 19.6 extremely hilly km.  It was good, a little slow, but good.  Tailbone was ok (no pressure there) but the seat of the bike was SO AWFUL I was numb in the nethers very fast and that was way more painful than the biking. It's Taylor's bike but I think even she deserves a better seat :) gonna go get us one later today maybe. LOL if I want to borrow that bike, I need it to be sitable.  UGh.  Another 1:09 active. 
Mapmyrun keeps track of my calorie counting but I dont think it is very accurate. I checked out a couple of other calorie sites and apparently it is anywhere from 50-100% low.  My bike ride this morning burned 400 calories according to MMR; on another calorie site it said 800. GADS. Whatever...ive got my hour in today :):):)
Another walk/run session tonight. Run tomorrow :) Maybe take in a ball practice tonight? OR go to 4H meeting? LOL!

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Gaspegirl said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend... nice and quiet, just the way I like it.

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