Monday, May 30, 2011

gad a whole week just flew by

this is the way it's bound to be for the rest of the year Im thinking! LOL Time is just going to fly away and Im going to be left sitting here wondering where the hell it all went!
Im finished the term now and on my summer vacation. Over a month later than usual. this working is for the birds ;) kidding, I do love my job. I just also really like to have spare time.
Im trying to remember where my Monday went. I think I might have cleaned. It was a holiday here, so the kids were here. I just cannot remember what we did. OH yes my mother was here. And we forgot Taylor's swimming; Holly spent the entire afternoon throwing up, crying, and sleeping; poor little thing, not much of a holiday for her :( ate at In Laws, got kids to Dog meeting, went to a meeting of the Cabot Trail Relay team to get organized (sort of), and then home. It was chilly.

Tuesday morning I got up with purpose but still managed to not really get things done in a timely manner LOL I did eventually get out to do my long run which was now 3 days overdue; 16.1 km in 1:43:40. A friend picked me up while I was still a km from home; good timing, we had some coffee and a chat :)

I spared softball for a team I know; that was fun! Ive not played much in years but sparing, which doesnt really give me a great deal of practice, but it is still fun to get out and play. I could use some batting practice LOL. Foul, Foul, and Foul.

Wednesday I finally did it; I went to the pool and I went for a swim! I did laps...boring LOL and Taylor says running is boring; at least the scenery changes. Swimming is hard SIGH I did 80 laps for 2 km total in about 1:15 and took lots of rests between and worked on my stroke a bit but in my mind Im flying and in reality I bet I looked like I was drowning HEHEHEHE ah well, the swim got done.

After the kids were picked up it was time for judging; the kids spent 3 hours judging 4H projects and I spent 3 hours standing and watching. SIGH. Fun times.
By the time we got home and ate it was time for kids to bed and then I followed LOL.

Thursday was warming up; I left late again and went for a 10 km run. 1:01:30 was not bad considering I was trying to go easy. Feeling pretty confident LOL I did not expect to get so wet on that run; it totally rained on me.
I planned a bike ride for the evening but plans foiled; I stayed at Holly's soccer practice instead, helping the coach with little things I can handle. LOL It was warm; the kids complained about the heat! IMAGINE!

Friday...I should be tapering a little for a race this weekend right? Ha funny. I havent trained enough to taper.
after a trip to the dentists, I did get on my bike and I headed out with no plan for an easy ride. I didnt push too hard anywhere; I even stopped for a snack because OOPS it was lunch time and I forgot my snack. SIGH. By the time I got home I had over 24 km on the bike.
I also had a sunburn. Poor planning went into that bike ride LOL

Afternoon was spent running kids around. By the time I was finished we had no kids home for the night. We celebrated by sleeping a lot.

Saturday I wanted a little Loosen Up run but it was not to be had; Taylor's school yard sale had to be dealt with first; and that took until 1230; picked up Annika to go home where we packed for Cape Breton and went off to that.

It was only partly sunny partly cloudy threatening rain when we left. LOVELY weather. Warm tho.

this is where it's about to get wordy and photo-filled so I will end this post. Unfortunately Im short on photos of the run; gonna have to go look for some.


Gaspegirl said...

Awwww... I wanted to hear about the run! I will just have to keep looking until you post it.

BTW, what does BTDT mean? I am going to do four runs per week for five weeks and that should get me there... right?

Scrappytbear said...

BTDT is been there, done that. I will post about the run today promise :) if you are feeling good 4 a week should be ok, what are you doing in between? are you doing P90X on run days? which programs? See how interesting it is to combine them? challenging :)

Gaspegirl said...

I am lifting weights on non-run days and really not doing much other than the B210K running schedule four days a week. I love the freedom of not being tied to any one program right now BUT I am also determined to conquer this running thing before the end of the summer.

Gaspegirl said...

Just for the record another week has flown by and you have not updated... just letting you know that I have noticed :P

Scrappytbear said...

LOL Im a bad bad blogger!

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