Thursday, May 19, 2011

Biking, Check. Swimming? Do I hear swimming?

LOL So Monday was a rest day. Kinda by choice. I think I may have too many rest days in the run of a week. I kinda had 3 last week. Im a fan of rest days LOL. Gee, I wonder why those 5 pounds are still hanging around?

Feeling a little more ambitious today tho. Tuesday and Wednesday workouts have been successful. Feeling a little less tight, a little less uncomfortable.
Tuesday night I ran while Holly was at soccer tryouts. It did not rain on me! There were some massive puddles but the sky was dry. It was very humid :) I ran trails around the soccer area and it was really nice :) A little long, 9 km by the time I landed but I still had time to stretch and sit and wait for Miss to be finished. Tryouts went well, she made the competative B team. The A team had no 4th graders on it SIGH. Her birthday month really might hold her back; there are 6th graders trying out but she will be moved to U14 before she gets there :(

9 km in 55 minutes, better time. I stopped to adjust, walked up a hill, some other stuff....its a good time.

Wednesday :) Still super gloomy. I spent the day unfortunately in sessions for OHS and WHMIS so lots of sitting which was really super hard on tailbone and lots of complaints all day lol. But by the time supper was over I was ready to push myself out the door; bike ride and run. BRICK ;) or Jello whichever ya prefer. I used the littler bike which is pretty fast; and chose a less hill-ridden route; no where around here is flat but at least there was no 6 km climb to deal with. Rolling hills and 19.9 km in 58 minutes :) Close to my goal of 20 km in an hour :) Then I parked the bike and changed hats; dealt with the dogs and ran off to do 20 minutes running. Legs were less jello like- it was far warmer tho. :) 3.1 km in 20 minutes, then walked to home. FAIL on the stretching this week; not sore today tho.

Swimming. I planned to start yesterday after buying the cap and goggles, but had the training sessions. Planned to start today. But the pool times did not mesh with my schedule so well. So M-W-F I can drop the kids off at school and hit the pool for 2 hours I think. NOt that I would swim for 2 hours. But its a nice window. So tomorrow? I will swim tomorrow!

Ive been checking out the Triathlon schedules and Im not thrilled to see that most of them require membership to TriNS which is going to cost an extra 20-40$; I just want to try one! LOL Its a costly venture; Im undecided at the moment. I actually got a little excited about a Parlee Beach Tri...but that would require day membership to TriNB as I need to pick a province and stay there LOL.

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you are an athlete girl... there is no doubt about that!

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