Monday, May 16, 2011


OOOh Thursday I did my first BRICK workout!
And although hard, I thought it was pretty cool.

I planned to do an hour on the bike then 20 minutes running.  It wasnt too far off that :)

I decided to do Harmony Ridge which is over 6 km up hill then rolling and downhill on the way back, then flat and a nice long uphill to home.  The weather was heavily misty and occassionally sprinkling but chilly. My feet were most cold!  Hands were next LOL.

The bike ride was ok; was on the green bike with it's new and smoother tires; knobby on the edges for trails but smoother in the middle for roads, it's got a good comfy seat and I do like it loads.  Im not sure it's as fast as Taylor's Bike....gotta get that one a new seat :):)
The road is terribly bumpy; very jarring when hitting larg pot holes and nasty cracks lol but I did like the bike ride portion.
About the time I get near home and Im climbing the over a mile of hill, I get kinda tired LOL need to build up some more endurance for biking.  So 18.8 km biking in 68 minutes more or less. Not really horrible.  If I pick a less hilly ride I might get faster; last ride was up another mountain ;)
So I got home and my Glenabbey Run Club was trotting down the road; I quickly parked my bike in the garage, changed hats, had a drink of water, and ran out. My feet were SO numb; really cold!  And my legs; well I dont think BRICK quite describes them but it sounds better than a JELLO workout lol.  I definitely felt wobbly.  Ran up the hill and down, met with the group about the time I finished my 20 minutes ~ 3.25 km; we jogged and walked a bit more, had a good stretch, and went home for Grey's!  :):):) I liked the BRICK workout and will do another this week.
Im going to swim; might have mentioned previously but Im going to start this week at the pool in town; there are times that work for me, for Lane swimming, and one punch card should get me through until the town pool opens, where we get a family membership and I can swim a couple of times a day, every day, for no charge (other than the membership). Will do a couple of swim/bike BRICKS during that time which I hear are not as hard since swimming is mostly arm-focused and biking leg-focused.

Friday? I cant remember that day LOL.  I THINK I went for a walk with the girls on the road; they had some drinks along and I just walked and enjoyed sone conversation.  LOL
Saturday it DIDNT rain all day!  LOL No sun, but no rain!  I totally got a TONNE of gardening done!  Lots of bending and squatting and pulling made me quite tired!  Moved some plants and bushes.  Filled a bunch of cups with plants to sell at Taylor's yard sale if they live; Holly was a little hard on them LOL but she did such a good job LOL! Might do a few more with different varieties :)

So I ended up missing my run on Saturday; one thing led to another and I went to bed with Annika :)

Sunday morning; What a day Sunday was!  Sheeeit! 

I took Annika to the church for Drama early (9 ish) and planned for my long run right away; stopped at In Laws to be sure the kids got where they needed to be and socialized for an HOUR! ooops. didnt mean to stay quite so long but got some important information lol.  I was then really worried about getting in the run before it was too late, and getting to other things on time; and also it was threatening to rain and was really wet, I didnt want to have wasted an hour of no rain and then run in the rain SIGH.

I scooted to the trail near town so my drive was less, then I ran on the trail to the Church and back again, for a total of 14 km.  It didnt rain hard thank GOODNESS and it wasnt that cold; I took off my coat within a short time but forgot my belt to hold STUFF and therefore needed the pockets.  At half way I had a half a Cliff's bar; my first. And I liked it! :) Thank goodness since I bought a whole box.  Very easy to go down which was a relief since I had no water. I usually carry or hide water for runs over 10 km but I forgot my handheld.  It was really humid anyway.

Ran back to the car and I dont know if it was sweat or heavy mist but my hat was SOAKED and dripping off the brim. LOL. 
I had a Yogurt drink while driving home where I showered SO fast and drove back to town to meet the kids for Taylor's Musical at the school.  That took a few hours and then I took littles home for an hour and supper before the book ends had to be back at the church in Old Barns for a play dress rehearsal.  How many trips today? it takes 25 minutes to go to Old Barns SIGH.  and 25 back.   Luckily Scott was back to take them that time because I was DYING for a nap before Ball Hockey.

Ball hockey SIGH.  I was SO tired. I KNOW I should not do my long run on the same day as Ball Hockey but when else should I? It never seems to work out so Im just DOING it.  I will deal with the consequences. I think even being that tired I can still run longer than a lot of people. Just not so fast. LOL
Ball hockey game was rough and I banged my head hard on the wall thank GOD for helmets.  we did pretty good and only lost 2-0 LOLOLOL. 

After a drink it was home and to bed with sleepy kids who were a little grumpy Monday morning.
Weeeknd is over.

Rock n Run Mirimichi

Thanks to a friend ;) Im now considering this Half Marathon; it would be an awesome weekend for a family campout?  :):):) I wonder if I could swing it alone?

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Gaspegirl said...

I spoke to Jeff about it and I told him to run the 10K... we are really thinking about registering... I will let you know in a week if we bite the bullet and do it. It would be great to meet up there... I will feel like the baby running just the 5K BUT I really don't care :P

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