Monday, May 9, 2011

April Recap

A bit late but April wasn't a great month SIGH
Runs: 83.05 km.
Days off after injuring Tailbone: 6.  6 Very long days.
Hip Hop Abs: twice. Because I cannot do Ab Ripper right now; too tailbone intensive. Experience tells me its going to be ages before I can do that entire thing again. 
24 workouts
9303 calories burned (explains the 4 pounds I put on and cannot shake.)
Longest Run: 14 km in 1:30. 868 calories burned.

UGh what a month. Im just feeling better now; had a better weekend but then feeling pretty sore today; overdid the run last night? I dont think so; but muscles are still so tight, it's uncomfortable. :( And still so SLOW!  I need to see massage therapist NOW! LOL!

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