Sunday, May 22, 2011

Swim FAIL. Weekend run FAIL. Giggle.

I did NOT manage a Friday swim. It was my last day of work and I wanted to get in on time. I was trying to figure out; Id have to pack up stuff to get ready for work and shampoo, stuff like that. So we were late but I just went to work from dropping kids off.
Friday after school I had an unexpected opportunity to run when I brought T home from swimming rather than taking her; she wasnt feeling well. So she watched Annika while I went for a nice slightly raining 8.25 km run. I went up the hill and back down and it was a nice stress reliever.

Saturday? nothing. Nada. I had a 4H class for scrapbooking and that was time consuming. COULD have gone super early and really I should have. Ive no discipline!
Ditto Sunday. I was CRANKY and cold and allergies were kicking my ass and I just didnt go. In fact I was sick to my stomach after taking something for the allergies and I just layed down. Not enough eye drops in the world...and head aching.
By after supper I was feeling a little more human and I did go to our ball hockey game; our beloved goalie is away so I subbed for her. I let 2 super easy goals in but I made some good stops and we tied a very tough team. WINNING ;) at least for us.
And my Glenabbey Run Club friends met me when I got home and out I went for a nice 4 km run/walk on our road for a nice 4 km :):):)
I mean it about the triathlon training. Im really going to do it LOL. Scott even bought me a new book; it has a couple of plans in it for all sorts of lengths and goals and seems very comprehensive and mentions things I might not have thought of :)

Now tomorrow. It's a holiday and I seem to have some company so Im not really aiming for an early swim. Wednesday?
But I do owe me a long run. 16 km on the plan. And I really do need to do this! :P
Have I mentioned my Cabot Trail Relay leg? for convenience and no witnesses to my dismal result Im running a 2 am leg. 2 am! When normal people sleep. It should be an experience. And cold I am betting.


Trevor said...

Good luck with the Tri and the Trail! There is a "Try the Tri" here in Fredericton during the Duncan Hadley triathalon in early July, something even shorter than a sprint. I'll be running the leg just before you in Cape Breton (I think - #12). Also, I ran with Darren S. the last couple of years, who is running leg #14 with the Tidal Bores this year.

Scrappytbear said...

Thanks! There is a try a tri in our town but. It's not really a big thing yet. Last year I think there were so few people signed up, they cancelled. Might be something fun tho this year.
So we r both going to be running in the pitch dark ; I can't wait. People keep mentioning running over small mammals, rodents, reptiles in the dark. I met Darren S the other night.

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