Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's still Raining and Im sure it isnt raining MEN!

Although I cannot imagine what else is going to come from the sky, it's not men. Still Raining!  Im really affected by the weather; all this rain is just SO depressing and I think it makes me sleepy! I want to go home and curl up in blankets and sleep all the time!  I think I feel it's colder than it really is, because it's so damp and crappy, I bundle up and end up too hot; more on that.

So the rain has sort of affected my running; I claim to be hardcore and not mind the rain but it is SO hard sometimes to go out in the cold rain and get wet.  Not that I wont sweat and be wet anyway; not that it is that cold. It is just hard! LOL If it rains while I am out, it's not as hard; but leaving the house or the car in the rain; that is hard.

Monday was a day of inactivity; a rest day. Unplanned, not really called for (just had one Thursday) but it is what it is.

Tuesday I Leapt out of bed (not really) and did my daily round of P90X Shoulders and Arms. It was good. It wasnt long. I had to get moving to get to my wonderful First Aid course on time, spent the day watching videos and listening to some emergency First Aid stuff, had WIFI which made my day but felt way too guilty to actually spend much time on it; during breaks and stuff it was a nice relief tho.  Tuesday evening Holly had her first night of Soccer tryouts and it poured.  It was gross. I dressed for the run but rather than getting it in, I totally sat in ME's van and chatted.  LOL Watched some of her soccer but they were on the other side of the field and I was getting wet. total run FAIL.

I payed for it tho.

Wednesday the wind howling woke me. We have this bird feeder on the bedroom window (how smart IS that?  A bird feeder on the window of the room we sleep in? Yoiks.)  Anyway it is there, and the lid was blowing up and knocking on the window. Not quietly. So by 5 am I was awake listening to this noise. Figured I might as well get up as lay there listening to the knock knock. I had a long day ahead, beings Im so tired already.  The video I put in was Kenpo (Kickboxing sorta) and I actually kinda enjoyed it as a change. The kicking wasnt too bad, the stretching at the start was pretty painful for the poor tailbone.  I do not think I am ready for Yoga X but I might try Plyo this week.  It's pretty high impact tho :(

Wednesday evening Holly had another soccer tryout so I again dressed for running; the rain had been less for awhile and there was actually dry spots on the road so I thought I might luck out.  For the second night my GA Run club ran without me SOB Im lonesome lol.  while driving there were some sprinkles but I was still hopeful. I didn't hesitate too long, I watched Holly for a bit then I headed out on my run; planned to go to the end of the trail and back, then whatever was needed to get to a nice countable mileage around 4.5.  Miles. 

I was super cold so I dressed as tho it were -5C, I swear. almost. It was super windy with 50 K gusty winds. I put on a snug hat (not a cap) and gloves, had on a tank, long sleeve shirt, and my coat.  I was hot within 3 minutes lol so started undressing. And it was like that the entire run; constantly adjusting wardrobe.  Gloves off first. Then hat. No elastic so hair was in my eyes. It started to sprinkle rain a little; no biggie. I was hot. I undid the zippers of my coat.  Hot. Took off my coat. Hot. It started pouring; I put the coat back on to reduce the wet of my shirts.  I stopped for a few minutes under the overpass. The rain let up a little, so I went back out. Relief was short lived.
I got to that end of the trail and turned back. Now the wind that was kinda at my side and back was at my side and face. UGH. It rained harder. I ran faster.  I stopped again under the overpass but I was fooling myself and the rain did not let up.  POURING.  The rain hitting my face was like little ice pellets (no it was NOT that cold. but it was that windy LOL).  My head was wet and cold and I was getting one of those cold headaches so I put my hat back on but it was wet and I was soon hot. Left it on.  I eventually zippered back up the jacket.  I was almost to getting gloves back out but despite the wind I was still pretty hot. And soaked right through.  7.2 km in 44 minutes. Would have been faster if I had not kept stopping to adjust the malfunctioning wardrobe.
Before I got back to the car the rain did kinda lighten up and got harder a few times but It didnt stop.  I think this is punishment for skipping the Tuesday night run which in retrospect would not have been that bad since it never rained THAT hard the whole evening. SIGH.

I climbed into the back of my car ;) and put the seats down, and proceeded to strip all wet clothing off (in phases of course) and put dry clothes back on.  I like to think I did this without anyone seeing anything with the rain, fog, and tinted windows. That's my belief anyway. THEN I went back out in the rain with my dry clothes on to watch Holly playing soccer again.  That didnt last long as the rain was hard and wind was blowing. She came to the car a few minutes later and she was an ice cube. Poor little thing. While we were driving home she stripped and bundled up in my coat.

I slept well last night.

This morning? nothing so far. Will see how the day goes ;)

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I wish you lived closer so we could challenge each other and motivate each other ... we might keep on schedule that way :P

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