Monday, May 9, 2011

Back on the Road...

wow I have no idea why but last Thursday I had a non-scheduled rest day. I cannot even remember what we did...just that it wasnt a whole lot. I think it rained. A lot.

Im kinda off the wagon with P90X again. Ive no idea why its so easy to get derailed these days.  Back at it today I hope!

Friday was a better day; worked and saw the grads before they left forever :(:( Picked up little kiddies and then Taylor at her Heritage Fair, Then we met Scott and he took the Swimmer to her meet in Halifax; me and the littles stayed home, and although I could not convince Holly to go to her dog meeting, we did meet the Glenabbey girls on the trail and did our run before heading to Ball Hockey; We played really well; wish we could SCORE more.  We did have it tied at 1-1 for a long while (I scored a goal!!) before they got a breakaway and pulled ahead by 1 at the end SIGH.  Another really close game :)

Saturday morning we were up super early and all of us went off to Halifax for Day 2 of the swim meet :) We spent most of the morning at the pool watching and waiting, then left for a break at lunch where we went to the Museum of Natural History to see Sue T. Rex before she left for another location. The girls have been Begging to go for months! :)

I thought Sue was awesome :) I cant get over her anatomy; So odd!  And checking out all of the old injury sites and even just the size of her was pretty overwhelming :) :)

After we visited point Pleasant Park and I decided not to run there, we took T back to the meet.  I don't know the park at all, and I was concerned about getting lost, or not knowing where I  might end up to find scott and te kids again, waiting in the chilly wind for a ride, no water, etc.  Too many unknowns but Im going to check out a map and maybe run there another day because it looked nice (bummer about the trees; cant imagine what it looked like before Juan wiped it out :()
While Taylor was warming up I did manage a short run at that end of Hfx, and although I mapped it out, and knew where I was going, I got completely lost and ran all the way DOWN to the water, which meant I had to run all the way UP to get back to my start. It was nice but it was also very creepy, I was on some pretty shady streets and had to run through 2 groups of rowdy looking men outside a hotel, and past some guys who made a few comments and whislted (mostly comments about "bouncing" over in their direction UGH men are gross) but all in all it was a nice sunny run :) an hour later it was raining so I did good to get where I did when I did :)

5.5 km 34:10 minutes :) Hill training hehehehe

We got home from the meet very late that night and slept in a bit on Mother's Day, after which we had breakfast, then lunch was Chinese food at the In Laws home, then the kids went fishing while I photoed LOL; eventually we did make it home and although it was supper time I went out for my LONG RUN Ugh conditions were less than perfect as I was kinda hungry; I took my handheld water bottle but it was SO warm ugh and it wasnt even hot out; I think I need to put some ice cubes in it next time.   12 km in 1:18:31 which isnt great but at least I did the whole thing without dying which feels better than last week.  UGH I had a really upset stomach from about 8 km on, had to walk a couple of times til it settled :(

I have loads of hope for today LOL~!

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