Thursday, May 5, 2011

Case of the Sleepies

Still not able to sleep so well. Maybe I could use some ear plugs?  Or a good knock on the head?
Yesterday was a busy day :) after taking kids to school I did P90X  Day 8  Chest and Back; it went well. Then I did HipHopAbs GIGGLE and I dunno if it is helpful at ALL! LOL. 
After work I went for an 8 km run which was windy and REALLY HARD. I feel like I am putting my top effort into it and not getting any speed. Muscles complaining too much LOL tailbone sore last night...more than usual.  But it was 8 km in.
Holly and I took the dogs for a walk; she ran another 1.5 minutes walked 3.5 minutes and did really well :) I walked.
And then the Glenabbey Run Club had another nightly walk/run.  I need to get them onto a more regular schedule. LOL Its not really exercise but activity.

I wonder if these nightly runs are interferring with my sleep? Ive never been so great at exercising too late at night since it tends to keep me awake but I would think after being active sleep would be good and solid.  Not so much.

Drinking my water and NOT paying much attention to what Im eating :) No wonder I cant get rid of my last few unwanted pounds :) 

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