Monday, January 4, 2010

Run Run Run

brr. Running through the winter may be possible but that doesnt mean its always pleasant. And today, was a warm day, relatively. Im not sure I can do another winter of -20. It was like 2 plus today. But damp; very wet and raining at some points. But I got my butt out there and did the run.
8 km today; up in Bible Hill on the sidewalks. Fun. Time wasnt great; 54 minutes. But with the ice and water I guess I will take it.
Hockey and soccer games on the past weekend will have to be sufficient. Taylor has a swim meet in the city this weekend and Im going to miss Sat morning hockey. Im thinking tho on Saturday I will see if there is somewhere at Dalplex that I can do the run. There was at the Dartmouth Sportsplex an indoor track if I had been thinking and taken things to run in. Ok I checked it out; there is a track and I can get a day pass and get access to it all! More than the track ;) I can handle that hahahahahahh
Tomorrow Ive a planned run with a friend; maybe I will hunt up some other friends for the rest of the week. I need to get in 22 more km before the weekend to be on track for a great year end total ;)

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