Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Running when sick

I wonder how people do it; running when they are sick. Im so not good at it!

Sunday was a totally busy day. In the morning I saw the pony then played 2 hockey games and after a little rest I played a soccer game. No rest for the weekend, for sure.
Monday I planned a short run after work; around 4 pm I became so incredibly tired I could barely drive home; making supper was slow; fell into bed a little after 6 and stayed there until morning. Aching joints made sleep very uncomfortable.

So on to today; felt little better this morning in fact a little nauseated and a little cramping stomach. But work went ok and after picking up kids I did decide to go out and just do a couple of km. And naturally once I was out there, it was going ok so I went further and although the last 2 km I felt kinda crampy again, I managed 8km in 53:30 minutes.

I just dont get how some people run while sick; colds, flu, other aches and pains. Im just a wimp at heart I suppose. Tired gets me down faster than anything else. And since i could happily sleep away this time of year it can be a real feat to stay out of bed. Because often once I get there I stay there for days. lol this year is going shockingly well; Ive stayed out of bed all 2010 so far! Being busy on the weekends and evenings sure does help! :)

Storm coming tonight so I am going to see if I can try out that treadmill tomorrow :) maybe I will get a coffee and a visit in too!

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