Saturday, March 6, 2010

Amazing Sunny Day Run

The sun was shining today! I cannot remember the last time I saw sun! Its been cloudy all week so the sun was awesome to see :):)

after scrimmage hockey game I got ready for a nice run; really thought of making the long run this morning but ran out of time as the girls had 4H speeches to get through. So I settled for a run up the hill and back down again with "enthusiasm". Training called for 3 km today steady run and 7 tomorrow; didnt really flip them.

Ok first I stepped out the door and realised I was way overdressed because even at -2 it was warm! The sun had Strength. So I shed a light sweater, mitts, and hat, and headed off down the street. And turned the corner; Wind. Cold cold wind. OH dear what had I done? SIGH. headwind all the way down, brr, then turned onto the hill and warmed up soon enough. It wasnt really cold but that wind was brutal and harsh.

Even with the slowish warm up, rotten wind, and hills upon hills, I did 5 K in 30:30 and finished up 6 in 37:30 (includes WMR which is all up hill). I wasnt unhappy with the run considering the effort lol. The wind was something to contend with; it would be in my face pushing me back and then it would whip around and kick my ass and I would almost fall over lol.

Started breaking in the new sneakers; Asics Gel Cumulus 11 again :) love them! New runners always feel so good! The colour....well its something to be desired but they are only sneakers heheheh they just dont match my coat at all! HEHEHE

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