Saturday, March 13, 2010

Incredibly nice Saturday for a long run

Played hockey first thing this morning then headed to Trenton for Holly's March break hockey tournament :) They played 2 games today and won them both; Holly Goon got a penalty in the second game for Body Contact. The other team was twice her size; the ref could not remember who did it so he just grabbed her off and sat her in the penalty box.

Beautiful day when we arrived at home; lots of 'outdoors' time.

With this weather there was no way I could simply run the little 3 km run the training plan called for; and then try to squeeze a long run in tomorrow around hockey? Having to run short today in lovely 8 C weather and then running tomorrow morning at the ass crack of dawn, in -9 weather; ok Ill do the long run today thanks much :):)

And it was awesome. I had to take off my jacket :):):) I did my 3 km run with a 2.5 km warm up and a 2.75 km cool down for a nice 8.25 km :) no speed records; forced to slow for a LONG SLOW run :/ got in 53:21 minutes which isnt bad considering there is crapload of hills in there :)

Might still get up and run tomorrow morning but now I dont HAVE to. Time goes ahead tonight; it always takes us a good week to adjust to that :( I hate losing that hour of sleep :( and we cannot sleep in tomorrow because we need to get back to Trenton for more hockey :)

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