Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Restful Monday turns into Tuesday

After the excess on Sunday a rest day Monday was very welcome. Monday right now is the best rest day; its my busiest day of work and Im usually grumpy anyway.

Tuesday back at it; as long as I was doing the 100 pushups challenge I might as well add the 200 Sit Ups challenge to it. I do one and the other while resting and it doesnt really take up more time but it has to be useful ;) I add a few leg lifts and stretches in between and can watch TV while Im at it ;) I do like On Demand and am making my way through season 3 of Californication; I save Big Love for when Im on the Bike trainer but can't keep track of Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures while doing anything other than marking; will check out some others after I get through those 3 ;)

Tonight will be a 4 km Tempo Run; can go in town with Margie and Coralee; speed isnt something I get out of those runs; or I can meet the Hubtowners; I suspect either way I will end up running my run alone in order to get the speed I need. Add a km to warm up and one to cool down (tricky eh?) lol should come in somewhere around 6 km. We'll see if the weather holds up to its promise of clear and not toooooo cold. Should warm up later in the week.

Will report.

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