Monday, March 22, 2010


Rest day today; no running which might be good the way I feel today :*( After such a long day yesterday Im feeling a "bit" sore. Achy all over. UGH.

2 games of hockey (YAY) and a game of soccer (BOO) have left me wasted. The soccer SUCKED. The other team, albeit better than us, were NASTY players. They would run you over just as fast as kick you in the head and run off LAUGHING. I didnt sign up for this. I like soccer but Im not signed up to be beaten up by people half my age and twice my skill who mock and beat. I got kicked in the knee and I FELT my kneecap snap back into place which beside hurting made me feel nauseous and Its pretty sore today; I expect this sort of thing in hockey and dress in "gear" but soccer is supposed to be low contact? That was a nasty game and they were super poor winners to class.

But worse is the heel today. MUCH worse. I turned on it last night and it hurt very badly and today is very sore; Im starting to think it might not get better unless I stop running. OMG. stop rnuning?

Ive already gained like 2 pounds. I CANT STOP running! lol

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