Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Steady Run? Tempo Run?

After a rest day yesterday when I played hockey, ;) this morning I got up feeling pretty rested and Looked at my schedule; One plan called for a 5 km Tempo Run, and the other called for a 5 mile Run. I figure a 5 km tempo run needs a 1.5 km warm up and same cool down, so I went for the 5 miles.
I got Scott to drop me off in town and I ran home.

Jeez. Who took the energy out of my breakfast this morning?

OK I didnt really have breakfast - a tablespoon full of peanut butter and a banana more like, with a glass of juice. Should have been enough. AND NO COFFEE. because of no cream. lol

But talk about a lack of energy. Right from almost the beginning I felt quite dead-legged and energy-less.

It was 8 very windy km from the top of Young to my street. And surprisingly up hill. Ugh. I didnt really notice last few times I ran it how long those hills are. SIGH. Or maybe it was my lacking energy. Wind blowing in my face, hills under me. I've had more fun.

Took 52 minutes to get to 8 km! I sprinted last 100 meters and it almost killed me (up hill). I actually stopped and bend over gasping when I could finally stop. NEVER done that before lOL.

Pace of 6:29 and 8 km more are behind me. I better be picking it up a little or I am going to run out of time.

No hockey tonight. Got a pass to the semifinal game tomorrow night. Tomorrow I should be doing a tempo run of about 5 km distance.
WHEN? lol

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