Saturday, April 3, 2010

Haven't Fallen off the Face of the Earth or anything

Just having such a tiresome week! omg! I hadn't run since Tuesday! That doesn't mean I have not been doing anything, just didnt get out for a run!

Wednesday scheduled a run but didnt fit it in the morning and by the time labs were over in the afternoon it was rather close to the time for our semifinal hockey game which we won 1-0; tough game, that score. Stressful.

Thursday morning I had planned to go for a run; really I had lol; just was very tired and I got to thinking "self, you're tired. More tired than usual. There is a really late hockey game tonight (the finals) that you have to win. You have school work to do. Screw the run and rest, get some work done, play hockey well."

So that's what I did. Left the run again and worked all day before playing hockey at night. And we won that game too....Deuville's 4 on 4 champs again this year :) another jersey and more bragging rights ;)

Excuse the terrible photo :)

This game ended Very late and there was some celebration so Friday morning was a bit of a sleep in :):):) up in time, however, for a bootcamp session in the park. There was a free session and I had wanted to see what they do so I went. It was a lot of stuff Ive been doing just intense and there were people watching so naturally I did the best I could possibly do hahahah and voila; sore today. lol apparently I need to do more of that.
Which finally leads to Saturday morning (now) and since it is Easter weekend and we dont really want to be doing the long Sunday run on Easter Sunday, we did it this morning. It was cool and foggy ; very foggy; and we did 10 relatively easy km around Bible Hill/Truro. I slowed Margie marginally and we did the 10 km in 6:21 pace which is a lot closer to the 6:34-7:23 pace the training program calls for ;) And I think that was hard for her to do. I dont want to tell anyone how they should be running; Im simply pointing out that the program she is following suggests these paces and maybe we should be somewhere in the middle of them heheehe
It was perfect conditions for a run and the route wasnt too terrible hilly; it was a good morning and felt way easier than the last 2 9km runs on the trail.
But Im feeling pretty sore right now. Heading out to finish up some Easter stuff and then coming home to relax and do some more raking.
Shorter, gentler run planned for tomorrow to start off a new week.

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