Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hills X 3

Kinda had a choice of runs today with one program calling for 2.5 km and 3 hills, while the other called for 5X800 repeats at 5 K pace. I might go do that one tonight. LOL because we picked the hills one (Margie and I) and I dont feel it was enough lol. less than 300 calories (what a poor way to decide if one has worked hard enough). :)

4.25 km in 26 minutes = 6:07 pace (3 hills).

ON a bit of a cleansing diet after the crap I was eating over the weekend (chocolate, pretend chocolate, etc). Feeling like crap with no energy and all.

Im not sure where this program comes from; one a friend has us all doing ;) ive already cheated on it. I cannot run on half a grapefruit and a slice of bread. hahahahah. Im not so much for losing pounds as feeling better so as long as I can get my workouts in, i will excuse the odd granola bar. It calls for black coffee/tea/etc so rather than my morning coffee Ive had tea all day. I dont want black coffee.

But supper this evening has no appeal for me hahaha!

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