Monday, April 12, 2010

Getting in an LSD run before we leave for Vacation!

This morning weather was perfect and timing was right for a great successful long slow run!
Nothing slow about it; ran with Margie and she ran ahead, keeping me to a nice 6:10 pace over the 10 km for a time finish of about 1:02. Which is good today; I feel like i could have gone a lot further on that pace. :):):)
Weekend was not successful for running lol really wimpy I am.
Friday was rest day; planned a run for Sat and one for Sunday although I knew our long run would be today; Saturday we left at dawn for HFX for swimming meet and hockey tournie for the kids; I went to the pool with little T and after sitting in that sauna for 9 hours (Im not exagerating; it was so hot I had sweat running down my back and my clothes were soaked. Poor Annika was hot too :() I really didnt feel like running. It was chilly out and i was chilled and hot at the same time and SO drug out from the heat and the sitting. Plus we had company (mother) so I didnt run.
Sunday off at dawn again for just hockey this time. PLanned to be home around lunch time, get in a run between the packing. UGH came home collapsed on the couch and was out for hours lol. ANd when I got up it was still sunny but windy windy (had been all weekend) and I wimped out. I despise wind. SO HATE it. So I stayed home. I dont want to start hating the runs because of the weather.

SO LSD Monday showed up sunny and only a little windy. It is always windy to a point here. Our first few km were pretty chilly then it warmed up fast and we were hot; the wind at one point was in our faces for a few km and we slowed a lot...but it was still a good run with lots of energy left over. I am hungry tho.

That diet last week; I dunno. I did lose about 4 pounds over the 3 days but I know its not going to stay off because its likely a lot of fluid, empty GIT, illusion of weight loss that will come back when I eat normally....but I learned a few things and remembered others:
1. Its ok to be hungry. I don't have to be full all the time. That grumbly feeling? That's ok.
2. I hate water on an empty stomach. Im really dehydrated.
3. the food choices made for me did an awesome job of keeping my "blood sugars" level. There were so many less peaks and valleys than usual. I was hungry but it was not that "Feed me before I die Im shaking and irritable and irrational" hunger. I was just hungry.
4. The food choices made for me were NOT ok to train on. I cant run like that. Which leads me to believe I should not try to do that diet with me on vacation. Eating like that and spending 14 hours a day following 3 kids around Disney isn't reasonable. But I can count on #5:
5. We eat way too much. The portion sizes were adequate. I was never really unsatisfied "volume wise" with the food I was eating. Just psychologically unsatisfied after the cup of Cottage Cheese (yuck) or the cup of broccoli (knaw knaw) and I guess I can work on that. SO while Im away I will strive to eat sensible portion sizes. I realise that is going to be hard. I will likely repeat the diet when I come back. Ive 10 pounds I would love to drop.

So for now that is where I am sitting. Getting faster. Getting smarter. Off on vacation ;) (Im taking my running clothes!)


Gaspegirl said...

Have a great Disney vacation! I gained 5 pounds on my Disney vacation but it came back off FAST! Easy on ... easy off! Enjoy yourself and worry about the weight when you get home!

Anonymous said...

YAY for vacation and I LOVE DISNEY I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!

Also...crap I forget my other thought.

OH! I am UBER jealous of you and your 6ish min pace!!!! That is awesome.

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