Saturday, April 24, 2010

Home in the North again

SIGH that lappy run ended up being the last Florida run. I likely could have gone the morning we left GOD KNOWS I didnt sleep much but I was kinda upset that we were leaving and stressed about getting the kids and us packed up and going on time that I didnt feel I should induldge in a run. Turns out we were ready early AND the run might have helped my stress for the day so a run might have been good but oh whatever I didnt go and I regret it SIGH.

Friday we got up super late and I didnt do a thing til late. I mean nothing. I didnt get dressed. I didnt do anything. LOL After supper there was a Ball Hockey game and boy could I ever tell that I hadnt done a thing LOL I ran like crap and played pretty poorly too.

So Saturday morning I get up and figure its sunny I should run, I should run the 8 km loop and I should do it in shorts LOL. Cannot let go of that Florida mindset. I eventually did drag my butt out for that run, did do the 8 km loop, and did it in shorts...and was chilly and didnt really love it lol. It was nice to see grass growing and buds on trees but it was windy and I was sad it wasnt 15+ C and sigh Im back in the great "white" north.

8.2 km in 52:26 slow slow minutes lOL dont forget the hills tho!

Some reminders of my awesome long run in Florida SIGH
Where I did all those laps. I would have had to do 8 laps to get in 12 KM BORING!

Ran sidewalks so I huslted lol

I loved Champions Gate - a big ol resort/golfing area where the landscaping was perfect and the sidewalks perfect :)

Champions Gate
Finished right up the road from here. Its a hill. Nice.

Crossed Masters Blvd lol had to get a photo of Mr. Masters on Masters Blvd :)

Very cool mossy woods that reminded me of a movie :) I wanted to run through (there seemed to be a trail) but Scott freaked; that's where snakes live! hahahah

Outside the fence of our "compound" lol there was a trail around it and I did go on it once...out and back was about a km....but how many times can you do that before that also becomes a little dull? Lol

Missing ya, Florida!

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