Monday, April 26, 2010

LSD 14 km

and OMG what a 14 km it was. UGH.

Im not sure if this is remains from my Saturday run after ball hockey Friday Night which seemed ok but as Saturday went on I felt worse and worse and more and more sore; So sore I didnt want to move. Which lead to Sunday feeling like crap and not so great plus more than tired. Exhausted.

So today was only a little less sore and a little less tired. Am I coming down with something, have I already been through it and Im on my way back up, or is it just all that travel catching up?

Did the 14 k run because tomorrow and the next few days look awful and putting it off never makes it better and I just dont have the time to be skipping weeks. The Cabot Trail Relay is just a few weeks away.

Run was awful. Was dragging butt for most of it, and although still felt great at 7 km, by 9 I was like Really? 5 more to go? And although it didnt feel as bad as it was, the time was awful. pace of 6:47 for the 14 km ended up 1:35 minutes. UGH. I hope I can get some sleep and have some good speed workouts this week. I obviously need more rest ;) about 100 km for the month so far; have 4 days to bring that up to the average of 120 ish. I can do that ;)

Rest tomorrow or an easy 5 k? Depends on the weather SIGH.

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