Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back on the Track

feeling much better apparently :)

after suffering badly on Monday's long run, I then struggled to find time to get in my regular running :) between long work hours and the school Music Festival time alone was hard to come by and after a week where I could have an hour a day (if I got up early) to do that run, I really miss it. Here Scott isnt home more than 2 mornings a week and then weekends runs can be later IF there isnt too much going on SIGH.
Today was better; after I dropped the kids off at School I had some time to myself; I even went to the office and there was NO ONE there Lol sure I should have stayed and worked but instead I went running :)

I thought I would go to the TACC grounds and do some intervals there. After all those laps of the "compound" I hoped track work would be easier. It actually wasnt too bad.

3 km warm up running to the track; 8X400 intervals with 200 m jog in between and then 3 km back to the college. Total 10.6 km in 1:06:16. Im not sure if I should be doing long runs a few times a week or shorter km but more often so for now it is just going to depend on what I have time to do.

This morning felt really good. Im sure its helpful that I had 2 days rest. Im sure it helped that Ive had time to recover from travel. Im sure its helped that I had walk breaks and take off my coat breaks and really there werent 10.6 km of constant running. Intervals are hard tho! lol

PLANNING a nice run tomorrow :)

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