Thursday, April 8, 2010

Regular Run

Plan A said 5 km steady run; Plan B said 4 miles and strength training; so I did 4 miles but Ive yet to do any strengthening. LOL

OH the weather was awesome (tad breezy tho) but sunny and warm :):):) unfortunately this American Heart Association diet Ive been following for 2 days has left me with little energy for running (despite my cheating)...and it wasnt the best run Ive ever had :) 6:15 Pace for 6.4 km on the trail.

Only one more day and then I can eat normal for 4 and hope to feel better. Unfortunately my "eat funny" days will be on a couple of my run days . And next week when we are away Im not going to stick to it; imagine eating like 1160 calories and following 3 kids around Disney for 10 days? Naw. sheesh . hahhahaha

Rest day tomorrow :):):)

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