Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Florida Long Run :D:D:D

Was absolutely amazing :):) Even if it was hot.
Started out late because I just could not drag myself out of bed so I got up and had some breakfast and then headed out. It was dreary and I was concerned I might get rained on. No worries :) The sun came out and it was nice and muggy :) Mugggggy.

picked a route with mostly sidewalks :) the sites along the way were SO cool :) Scott dropped me off and left me running alone; guess he got over his worries about what I might "meet" LOL. The sun came and went and it was hotttt. I wished for some water lol.
There were quite a few hills; I was surprised it was as hilly as it was. All uphill, Im sure ;) It was neat running past the trees with the moss in them; looked spooky as a movie :) There was a trail through; I SO wanted to check it out! A lot of water, tonnes of birds; TONNES. Great big birds. Big white cranes, some sort of hawks, and little crow like birds. There was a section without side walks that was a little disturbing because the first thing I saw was a few dead snakes; one of them was large and black and white striped; I think it was a California King Snake; the others were unidentifiable ;) I also think I might have seen a small crushed Armadillo on the road; didnt stop to look too closely LOL. Saw some squirrels and a few dragonflies. Prett harmless wildlife actually ;)

Ran through some very "posh" areas where the landscaping was amazingly perfect :) there were people working on it everywhere :) SO pretty. I love the smells of summer although I wishI could figure out which plant/shrub smells like dog doo. I would stear clear. Lots of that yesterday.

12 km in 1:16 ish not the greatest pace but it WAS really hot and I felt pretty crappy right near the end with a climb up a hill and the sun came out very hot; still one of my most enjoyable runs ever :):):)

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