Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Florida Running

SUPER nice in Davenport this morning; Im shocked tho how long it stayed dark!
Ok well I did get up an hour early thanks to an error in alarm setting but anyway; it was 18 C and slightly breezy, and very dark.
Not sure where to go and what is safe in the dark so I stayed in the gated community. That means laps. Its not THAT big.
That is what every inch of it looks like ;)

The place is a big rectangle with roads crossing it, and I ran the circumference 4.25 times. It is 1.5 km around. I can give more stats hahah but will leave it for now!

did 6 intervals of 400 meters each around 5:30 average time (some were faster, others slower). Warmed up 1 km and cooled out 2. Stretched in the driveway under a Palm Tree Wheee! Time was 40 minutes.

Hard to get used to a new climate so quickly. Reminds me what is coming; summer! :P

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