Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year Running

So far runs in the New Year have been....sparse lol. It has not taken much to put me off a run; a little snow, bad roads.  Scott didnt want me to get hit by a car ;) The drivers around here are a little nutso.

But ok maybe I should listen to "me" and have a little break.  Im not going to sweat it and Im going to do more biking anyway ;) and I do have access to a treadmill so it's not so bad. 

Sunday was hockey day and I did not get up early enough to separate the run from the game, so I didn't even try.  The hockey game was intense with only 1 spare per forward/back, so we skated a lot. That's just fine with me; I dont really get terribly tired ;) It was an easy game with 2 goals for me before we switched forwards and backs and I played defense and had fewer chances but that's all good because defence is fun and restful and it's good for our defence to play forward and know how. 
We took down the tree on Sunday and that took a lot of time before and after hockey.  There was a lot of cleaning to go along with the tree taking down, and I sort of got on a roll which is rare so lots of cleaning of things got done.

Monday, last day of break; sad sad day. I got up and dressed for a run but it was snowing great fat wet snowflakes and Scott said too many cars were skidding and maybe if I drove to town and ran on unplowed sidewalks it would be safer but I hate having to drive somewhere to run so I just changed into cleaning clothes and started in with floors and carpets and laundry....I wanted Annika to clean her room but she defied me and went out; so I cleaned her room for her. She thinks she got a great deal but she has NO idea what I threw away. And I love a good throw away session; I got rid of a bag of clothes and a whole bag of garbage. She wont miss a thing.  I organized her books and everything. She didnt learn much of a lesson because she has no idea what I tossed, but I had the satisfaction of throwing out loads of stuff so I figure we are even. 
Once she came home and I had most of the stuff out of her sight, I had her clean the rest while I went for a run. It was almost dark and I litterally tossed on clothes and ran out the door.  I tried to set up my new headlamp but I could not get the batteries in, and I figured if I had Scott help, I would never get out the door. It amazes me how people drive up that road!  And everyone was right all over the yellow line so it felt like every car was right on top of me. It was getting dark quickly and I was dressed brightly (pumpkin coat) but not enough apparently. No one took my elbow off but it was unnerving and I really need to go during daylight hours.
Despite the drivers it was an awesome run.  Jillian started a new program and claims it is 18 weeks to the Fredericton Marathon so I am kind of following her routine when she lets me know what it is; And I will cross train more during these cold months to come. I dont have time to be out running while it is light anyway; good looooord my schedule this semester is full! Ugh.  Tuesdays and Thursdays might be run days. Im determined to keep 3-4 runs a week going.
5.4 km in 33:53 minutes yesterday; not bad for snow and dogdging cars and snow banks. At one point I stepped to the side right into a very deep slushy puddle. That was....refreshing ;)  Ah well it's all an adventure!

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