Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mid Week Run

Work is super busy right now and I suspect it is only going to get more busy; Im going to be putting in lots of extra hours in the next few weeks :( Im going to have to really prioritize my time and do what is most important rather than what I "want" (given the choice I swear I would sleep 12 hours a day; that never happens). 
Tuesday was a wash; everyone was tired and it gets dark so early!  It's been super cold in the mornings too, warming up to near freezing during the day then being about -15 (this morning) before sun comes up. Sun has been coming up nice and bright; the days are really nice!  Too bad Im stuck at a desk or in a classroom!  :)

Wednesday after I finally finished classes and meetings and stuff I changed into running clothes and in the dying light of the day I got my 8 km in. It was a bit sluggish; I was tired and hungry and it was cold LOL.  I took almost 53 minutes to get in those 8 km UGH not so great a time.  At least the miles are in.

Im thinking I am going to start P90X this weekend; I finally got the schedule of what to do day to day, and Im determined to get some photos and start the program.  I need something to keep focus with the bad weather that might be coming.
I also got a program for a marathon that MAY just be a little bit optimistic; It's running 6 days a week and I dont know that I have that much time to commit to the one activity, along with hockey and P90X.  Something has to give a little and I think that is going to be the 6 day a week schedule (Hal Higdon). Might hunt me up a nice 4 day a week running schedule to follow LOL.  I will try to keep updating with information!

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Gaspegirl said...

Sorry Terri-Lynn... I could have given you the schedule, I did not know that you did not have it :P I guess I could have asked :S

Yeah for you starting the X... I am convinced that you will love it and it will help your running. I am also quite certain that it will be your next obsession... cause we are so much alike!

We don't talk enough... maybe I will make more of an effort in 2011.

Make it a great day!

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