Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Glare of Ice run 1/11/11

A little late for a mid week run but I did get out just before 8 am to run; WOW was it ever icey.  The road was icey; the side walk was worse; the best place to run was in the crunchy snow but it's exhausting. Im tense from running on the ice and tired from running on the snow.  But that 8.4 km is done!  :) 51:47, so times acceptable.  It was a good run with good temps (a little cooler so less sweat) people seem to think it's the cold that is hard to deal with; it's really the wind and the sweat LOL.  I think I like - 5 and no wind best. Snow optional :) Going to have a chance to run in the snow again tomorrow; going to use the trail shoes possibly maybe; still have not decided if they are going back or not!

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