Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Whew Where did the time go?

I was right; Friday I did not get the run in :( I felt bad shorting Scott on his birthday as it was, and I just went and picked up supper and cake and went home; thought I might get a workout of some sort in that evening but it just did not happen.  I dont remember what DID happen LOL.  Annika was a lot better by evening; we just had a quiet one.
Saturday dawned early.  I was up at just after 6 to get to a hockey game at 7.  Then Annika played at 830 and Holly at 930 in the same rink 20 minutes away. Tight!  Annika played Goalie and she was pretty darned cute, a little tentative but she did her best!
She then played at 12 in town, and afterwards we went home and I did a weekend worth of cleaning while Scott went to pick up our new furniture and then I squeezed in a run.  I meant to go 16 km this weekend's long run; I managed 8.4 due to time constraints and a faintly upset stomach....sign of things to come I believe. I thought after Holly's 530 game 1/2 an hour in the other direction, I might get more run or some sort of indoor workout in; being's it was day 5 of P90X; but felt very tired and kinda ugh after getting home from hockey around 730 and Annika was all out of sorts so we settled into the new recliner to watch a movie and were well asleep by 10. 
And up again by midnight and routinely through the night; both Scott and I were victim's to the nasty stomach bug going around.  I think that the flu should be counted as the mother of all ab routines.  EW.  Taylor was sick at her grandmother's house; we have all had it now.
I dragged out of bed at 7 to get Annika to hockey for 8; rough tho :( Scott stayed on the couch.
I even dragged myself out to my own hockey game; bofy fluid emissions had by this time stopped and I figured I would not feel worse out than in and the the coldair was nice..it was difficult tho but our team had only 4 players plus a spare and I really could not leave them any shorter.  I played the game and felt a little better right after but very tired once home and after some cleaning and bathroom disinfecting I was back on the couch for a nap until it was time for Holly's hockey game at 5.  Still a pretty gross bunch at this time.
And back home and to bed; I really attempted some school work but gave up and succombed to headache and sleep.
Monday....long day at work and I was still pretty nauseous and dizzy; reallly dizzy. And the headache was bad.  I did make it to work after poor sleep and stayed the day (no lecturing; could not spend that much time up in front talking) even making it through a digestive tract dissection lab.  And 2 long Computer labs. after Annika went to sleep I marked all evening. 
Whew not enough sleep today.  But I dragged out of bed at 515 am feeling better than yesterday and did Day 5 of P90X - Legs and Back. I think this was my fav day yet. Although I did not do the pull ups right.  Doing something has to be better than doing nothing. But if I could do one from hanging, it would be 100% improvement.  I pull the chair under.  Finished up with AbRipperX and before 645 I had worked out, done 2 loads of laundry washed and dried, and started supper.  Baked Beans in the crock pot thanks to a recipe HERE Thanks Faith Ann! I will let you know how it turned out; I added extra water because I will not be home all day to check the beans! :)
I do hope to get a 5 ish km run in today before it starts to snow, which is going to once again mess up my run for tomorrow :( I believe 10 km is my plan tomorrow :( Id do it today if I had more time :(

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Faith Ann said...

I hope they turned out okay! I'd like to try leaving them on a weekday sometime too.

I cannot believe you played hockey so soon after being sick. Impressive. Seriously.

I skipped my workout last night because our son is sick and I *knew* we would be up with him in the night so I wanted to go to bed early and get some rest (I was right... he was up in the night).

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