Saturday, February 26, 2011

Catch Up

Im not even sure i can REMEMBER what Ive done over the past 4 days!
Wednesday evening 16 Frigid slushy horrid km.  I changed my route due to blowing snow and no shoulder to run on, and made the 16 km very very boring LOL up Pictou and down College.  There were challenging spots, like white outs at the field edges, blowing face on, slush, had to walk where there was boulder sized snow/ice balls too numerous to avoid SIGH.  At the end of the 16 I was sore in the hip but not really tired. I figure after all this snow running Im going to be SO strong. But it likely will not translate into speed at all :(:(:( Endurance I have, speed is not my friend.  It was -6 with wind chill of -14 (or more) and I was so frozen at the end when I was running the roads back and forth to make up the 16 km, half into the wind, half not :(
My hair was frozen into icicles and I could not feel my face so smiling was really funny ;) my hat was frozen to my sunglasses (for protecting against wind and snow) and my eyelashes were frozen. For the first time my nose froze shut!  LOL I could not breath for ages :) Good times.

Wednesday night I tried the foam roller.  That was an entertaining experience.  It's much harder and more uncomfortable than it looks. no idea if it actually did any good or not.  

Thursday morning was Kenpo X. I didnt get up early for it as I knew I would be able to go to work later.  I did not know that I was going to be taking Taylor to school; she was a little bit late because I tried to finish (skipped the cooldown oops). The rest of the day was busy.  Again I foam a little better (I watched some videos on it).
Friday I was stiff and sore. I woke early after having a disturbing dream about jumping off cliffs, and since I could not sleep I went down and put in the DVD....X Stretch. Im not getting up at 5 am to do X Stretch LOL.  It was ok but not a workout and IM not getting outta bed for it. LOL  I was struggling anyway, so stiff and unbendy.
It was must interrupted anyway; Scott kept going up and down, he was late for milking and got his car stuck in the driveway in his haste. After the third stomp in, when 2 of the kids were awake and I was getting no where, I went out and steered the car out of the snowbank while he pushed, and then I did a few more minutes of Stretch before stopping it to get the kids off to school. I dressed and had a nice long run, 10.4 km around town.  SIDEWALK HELL.

As I am running I have all these pet peeves I am cataloging...I never seem to remember them which I suppose is good, but there are some running themes. Why can drivers not slow down?  And not drive so close to me? Am I really so much in the way that you cannot slow down and wait for a safe chance to pass? I do believe they are trying to teach me a lesson; I dont belong on their roads!  And some of these roads; there are no side walks and the banks are not plowed back and there is NO WHERE to go but up the snow banks SIGH. 
Flicking cigarettes out the window at me; I mean really that is just rude.  And if I flicked a gum wrapper on the ground someone would say Im littering. Right?
I ran up over the train track hill and a few steps ahead the sidewalk looked relatively clear.  After all the slush I was on it was a relief. Until I realised it was not clear but was REALLY thin Ice.  and the puddle underneath? About 3 inches deep.  I am kind of glad I had on my trail shoes since I only got a little bit of seepage instead of soaked.
But those trail shoes. stiff as a board. And slapping the road like flippers. Im trying really hard to love them, think they are awesome on snow. But omg. stiff.  Still so hard to loosen up. I tried stretching while I was running but it didnt do a lot of good :(

Busy day so nothing else was really accomplished.

Right into Saturday; up early for hockey but so tired!  And it rained and snowed on top so roads were treacherous. Only 6 skaters and 2 goalies made it to hockey; 3 on 3 hockey is super hard LOL lots of skating for us :)  Good workout but again very tired.
Annika had hockey so I did get some skating time for fun in there; but the rest of the day has been spent celebrating Taylor's 13th birthday :) She is a teen now.  And has been acting it for a really long time :)

I sure do hope tomorrow improves but I am not holding my breath. It's supposed to be super cold and there is a lot of hockey going on.


Ian M. said...

My oldest turns 13 in October and yeah, has been playing the part of teen for quite some time...

Faith Ann said...

You are dealing with some VERY rude drivers... that's horrible!! Why would people be like that?

I am sure you will be rewarded in the spring for all your miles logged in the snow this winter. Your runs will feel so much easier! Whereas I will be punished for wimping out on the treadmill all winter and my runs will feel harder.

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