Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not easy to get in workouts OR blog posts apparently.

Life has been super busy lately. And Im in this mood. Grumpy, impatient, intolerant, I dont care mood :(  It might pass if we start getting some sun. And it better fast before everyone hates the sight of me or I say something I really should filter LOL. 

Sunday morning we were up bright and early for Holly's hockey game and Drama for the other little drama queens :) After Holly's rather unpleasant game, she went to a friend's place and I went out for a shortish run. I went up the hill and back down for 6.45 km in 42 minutes; times had better start to get better or I might wonder what on earth I am doing wrong! Most of this was on the road with only minimal slushy running so I would like to think it would get better.
After getting some work done and some major house cleaning done, it was time to go to hockey. I have nothing to say about hockey. It was not my best game and my very bad mood did not make things any better. Im going to stop going if I cannot leave my mood at home :(
Rest of the day and night was spent marking and doing some last minute lecture preparations. Good times.  Monday is that terrible long day; I start classes at 8 am and go until 5 pm.  It is amazingly hard to talk that long, honestly.  I just dont even want to hear my raspy voice at the end; even my jaw was sore and I was grinding my teeth Thank you stress!  :( I hate Mondays.  Only 5 left thank GOD.  6 weeks of classes and then exam time :)
I had planned to do "something" last night although I was not sure what. By the time I got home with Taylor from swimming (Horrible weather and bad drive) it was 6 pm and supper was ready and I ate and did some work for today then went to bed to read for some lecture prep and OMG was asleep before I even knew it; Didn't see 9 pm. :(
Slept terribly last night; was awake for hours :( Someone was snoring, then wind was blowing, worrying, thinking, exhausted but unable to sleep. I should have been smart and got up at 5 am for some P90X but I figured I had time later. WRONG. I had to take care of school drop off and time was cut short. I did most of the Core Synergistics DVD but not the cool down.  And with so much to do today/tonight with kids and one-parenting it, I wont likely get much more in. Maybe after the kids get to bed I can do some bike trainer or Yoga but that will be late and chances are I will just be tired. No run in sight :(:(:( NEED a run tho, so frustrated.

This has been a seriously negative post. I will try really hard not to post many mroe of those :(


Faith Ann said...

I can sooooo relate to the mood and not having enough time!!

Ian M. said...

Do you think you might be doing too much with P90X and all the running?

Scrappytbear said...

Maybe. I hope I'm just really tired of winter?

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