Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Workouts

What an active weekend! At least, the car got a lot of activity, driving us all around all weekend :)
Saturday morning the little girls got up at 530 am.  530!  OH jeez what a day that was. Grumpy tired little girl in my house :)  At 7 I went off to play hockey; pick up is always a lot of fun :)  It was a good workout! 
once home, Scott took off for 4H speech day and I took Annika to hockey. She had fun but was super tired and wanted to do her speech so I took her to the speech day and she didnt play her hockey game.
Speeches were great!  Annika totally kicked butt in our house with her speech on Shelley :)
It was nice to see some friends I havent in awhile :)
Speeches ended in Old Barns and I got ready for a long run back to our house; with some detours in town it's about 18 km to our house.  The sun was nice although it set way too soon; the wind was nasty in places but it could have been far worse.  I did some rerouting to avoid running the entire way into the wind, and got 18.2 km in less than 2 hours.  Over that ice and slush and MUD it was a good time. Parts were very good; I had stepped in slush puddles less than 2 km in tho so feet were very wet.  Felt good the whole way pretty much. Gatorade in hand held; jelly beans at 6.5 km, half a bar at about 12 km. 1138 kcal burned!

Did lots of foam rolling that night and went to bed early even tho Taylor was having a sleepover; they are low maintenance at 12 and 13 years old. 

Sunday morning I got up early for Holly hockey and then prepared for 4H Scrapbooking meeting in the afternoon; hockey at 1 was a hard workout; gained a few more injuries and bruised my tailbone which makes most movements today much harder.  
Scrapbooking meeting went fairly well; finished marking some assignments, made supper, and did prep work until dropping from tired by 930 pm.
My clock is now officially reset; I can hardly make 10 pm and am fairly wide awake by 5 am which is making getting out of bed easier but is a little frustrating when I have a lot of work to do in the evening.  I should have a daily nap!
This morning was unenthusiastic but I DID get out of bed at 5 grumpy because someone woke me way earlier than that; did P90X Day 31 Back and Biceps, and Ab Ripper.  Im slowly getting through my weeks; combining with the running is slowing the progress a lot.  Back and Biceps was a little boring; I need some new weights; 8 and 12 pounds would be nice.
No run today; working late and we have to do Holly's science fair project tonight.  Tomorrow morning tho...

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