Thursday, March 10, 2011

Retake on the Virtual 5k race

Went far better than the first. Mostly. Best? No snow or ice or slush. Worst? Flooding.

Ok so Tuesday morning Out of bed early and to the basement for P90X Day 32 Yoga X. I think I am getting better at it lol. I wish I could do it more often. My time is coming. Off for a nice work day, then enjoying the sun and the warmer temps, I dressed and headed out from work. Totally determined to do better at the 5 k. The schedule called for 4 miles.

I did not know the names of the "corners" and roads. I heard some stuff on the radio about flooding and road closures but I didn't know where they were. I should have known better since this stupid town was built on a flood plain.

Detroit Runner's virtual 5 k was just a little challenge I took on to test my speed at the moment, which after this long hard winter, is not great.
Weather was perfect, sun was shining. 5 k done in 28:34 minutes. My goal was not too ambitious; under 30 was ok with me.

But I made some critical judgement errors on this part of the run. When I got to the end of this road for a short cool out run back to my office, I realised I was not going to be able to get through this way. 

The areas where there is water...usually there is no water. Particularly on the road.  LOL FLOODS!  I had faith. Someone would drive me across this water.
No matter how pathetic I appealed, no one picked me up to cross the water. They looked at me like I was raving mad.  I did NOT want to turn back! It would double my distance and had some nasty rolling hills and a steep hill on the way back.
Im such a genius. I decided to head down to that water and turn right, where there was less flooding, and run to a friend's farm to call for a ride back to my car. It was not as far as turning back.
What it was, was cold. The wind across those flat fields was SO cold.  No longer a nice sunny day but a cold sunny day. 
I went past more gates saying road closed; I thought they were for behind me. Judgement error 2.  I got within sight of the farm...I could almost touch it. And there was another river, flooded across the road. I was now 7 km away from my car, on a 4 mile run. lol
I went to a stranger's house, to call for a ride, I got ahold of Scott and asked him to come and told him what road to take.  Then I ran towards town. the woman in the house said I should sit and wait if I wanted; it was her birthday and she seemed a little lonesome.  But something in her house was making me sneeze (a candle? some sort of scent) and I thought i might stay warmer if I kept moving.  I get super cold when I stop and Im sweaty.
What I was not counting on, was Scott taking half an hour to come get me. He says he took a wrong turn and it wasnt that long but I was almost 4 km back to the car before he came along, and I was so cold I actually had tears.  I should have 1. learned what roads were closed, 2. not assumed it could not be that bad, and 3. turned around and headed back at the first flood water. It seems not so far in retrospect. My 4 mile run turned into 10.85 km. :(
It took me hours to warm up; didnt help that I had to go to the junior high for the science fair right away.

Wednesday morning; I did not hop out of bed. I packed a bag and thought I would run in the afternoon after labs were done. Which I did. It wasnt that cold, the sun was out. BUT. I got hungry. No big deal, right?  My stomach was sloshing and empty and I got very light headed and dizzy and felt like I was floating, not in a good way.  I kept tripping; my speed was horrid!  I felt like I was working super hard but getting no where. And I was on another planet. I wanted to go 8 km; I went 7.55 but I walked 3 times, and went super slow. That's a lot of run FAILS.   I was so happy to see my car, I went home, ate, went to bed and shivered....I was asleep by 730.  And I did not hop out of bed Thursday morning. 

I did get up eventually and did P90X Day 33 Legs and Back, then Ab Ripper.  But Im not running today.  I MIGHT cross train on the bike trainer, but Im not counting on that. LOL Still not feeling 100%. 


Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Wow! What a story. Great report. Under 30 is still good!

Scrappytbear said...

thanks Jeff!

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