Thursday, March 3, 2011


Don't think I did one of these. My MapMyRun site is changing and I better get this info before I cannot find my way around anymore! SO confusing, I do not deal so well with change!

107.7 km
11,875 kcal Both less than last January
(Started P90X on the 25th)

129.53 km
18, 831 kcal (Both far better than last year)

down a little over a kg

Lifetime Totals
(Or since I started MapMyRun lol)

2,975.09  Total Kilometers
521.4 Total Hours
595 Workouts
252,031 Total Calorie

Kind of neat. :)

working on learning the spots to look for the new MapMy Run but there is no gear tracker OH NO so I have to keep going back to the classic version to map.
PLUS the new version does not give me very generous calorie counts for the same workout.

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