Friday, March 18, 2011

Feeling Somewhat Better

About things. I have to thanks IAN for pointing out possible burnout; it made me rethink the whole cranky mood/tired running thing and I actually did read quite a few articles about burnout while trying to decide if I actually WAS burned out or just tired of winter...
and Ive concluded, since it's my workouts that keep me sane and Im not getting enough of the outside world thanks to the weather, Im actually more likely just tired of winter and having a little SAD to go along with it.  Ive had some good workouts this week and am feeling a little more on balance.The weather improving or at least giving me breaks is certainly helping.
Ive also slept in a bit this week; my kids are on March Break and although I still have to go to work, I was able to sleep a teensy bit later 4 of those days; no 5 am, more like 6 am. Yesterday I barely remember the alarm going off; I turned it off about 6 times before I finally figured I should get up. YEAH that's an hour. 

Tuesday morning I got up and did a sort of long run. I do believe Im going to run a half marathon in Fredericton in May before the CTR, and then a full marathon in the fall when I will have a better hope of training for it.  So I backed my long run off this week. That kind of means I am completely off of any plan, because to do a half marathon plan I have to like...half my running. While I may not be doing a full in the spring, I do not really want to back off the long runs too much (after doing 18, backing down to 10s again as the long run seems silly). So Im going to keep uping the distance with back off weeks until after May.  I did 12.1 km on Tuesday morning before work.  The weather was amazing and it was an effortless run with a nice 6:16 pace on hills and 1:16 time.  Nice.
That night we went off to the Valley for Grammy's 60th birthday party. we arrived in time for some cake before scooting the kids to bed (almost midnight)! ugh.
They were very difficult to wake in the morning.  I snuck out of the house at about 7 to get in a very short, fast 4.1 km run done in about 23:16 with a 5:40 pace on some flat some hilly roads. :) Again it was chilly but the weather was awesome.
We dragged the littles out of bed and rushed to get to Annika's first tournament hockey game (we were late).   She had 3 games on Wednesday. Between the first 2 we took Taylor to her Nanny's house because she was sick. While we were at the games Holly got sick as well, a stomach bug. With Annika's cold, that was all three feeling terrile.
Thursday morning I did P90X Day 37 Plyometrics which was fun :) After working the morning away I went to Annika's last tournament game where she got a medal (as did I...for coaching :)) and then went back to work for a few more hours before heading off to Holly's first tournament game in the opposite direction. SIGH.  the weather was even more amazing and I missed it! :)
SO Friday morning I decided to do a nice run in the afternoon. Until I heard the weather forecast for gusting winds and rain; then I threw on my clothes and went in the morning before work; barely fitting everything in! UGH.  So stressful making time for things!  But I got the 8.5 km done in 52:52, 6:12 pace.  I feel it's coming back a bit, after all that nasty snow and ice LOL. 
I might do P90X tonight (I love the potential of Friday nights) but after Holly's championship game in her tournament in a couple of hours, I might be tired and just NOT. 
Planning a long run for this weekend, whenever the weather seems appropriate. I have a feeling we dont have much going on this weekend and I cannot wait! LOL my last 2 hockey games of regular season are this weekend, then just one tournament for me and I can put away the gear, and start planning for ball hockey SIGH. 


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Gaspegirl said...

ME too... Spring, Summer and Fall are my faves - this winter thing has got to go!

Scrappytbear said...

i'm done with Winter no matter how much I like the snow. Im done!

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