Friday, March 4, 2011

Time is not on my Side

It sort of feels like i am just writing the same old things here. Not much has changed in NS. I am sitting here on a Friday night in my cozy living room on my new loveseat that is very comfortable. Annika has a whole gaggle of friends in the basement watching a movie; her birthday was 4 months ago but we never had a party for the poor little thing until now. And even now the timing is terrible; tomorrow there is hockey x 3 and 4H speeches and Scott is not going to be around to help with any of it. But it was never going to be a good time for her party so it is just now. They really are being very good:)
So on Wednesday I dragged this ragged butt out of bed and did Yoga X. I do like the yoga better now; hell of a stretch and workout, still very long but enjoyable. I did cut it short when Annika told me that the coffee maker was on, meaning 630 am. Kids had to get to school. They were all so keen, we got out of the house early and scooted by the college to pick up stuff for Taylor to present her science fair project on DNA. In French. I'd like to see her do it. After classes all day I put on my running stuff with dread; it wasn't terribly cold but there were 60 km winds blowing and I do hate to run in wind. On ice and snow. But if I don't make myself do it, I simply won't. And since runs are often on windy days I might as well remember that and make the windy runs too.
I went to the pool where I was meeting the kids and ran from there. Gives me the most efficient time use. I cut my planned 18 km run down to 10 then even shorter once I headed up hill into the wind for 2 km. I was battered sideways and backwards by the wind. But it wasn't too cold; exposed skin was cold and I did dress warmly, but by 3 km i took my coat off and ran in 2 shirt layers and one sweater layer. Relative balmy.
After the up hill into the wind I spent some time running parallel to the wind then wind at my back for a bit; what a relief. Then I turned onto a new street and the enjoyable roads and sidewalks were replaced by my friend ice and snow. And deep slush puddles with no warning. Sigh at least I'm getting used to that. Oh and more wind.
I got back to the pool after 8.5 km and about 56 minutes Which is a terrible time. Lucky I'm used to being slow. Foam rollered for a bit Before bed. I hope it's working.
Thursday morning I got right up and did 5 am workout P90X Day 29 back chest and triceps. That was hard.
Admit....tired lately. Some workouts harder than others.
So after kids went to school I dressed in running clothes for a short 5km run. It was meant to be a test of where im at, and maybe the virtual 5k I signed up for. If I don't get a better one lol.
It was cold. Holy cold. And sometime over night, it snowed. On top of rain, and ice. The main road out there was not plowed. There are not a lot of driveways to getoff the road so I was listening really carefully for snowplows and big trucks. I pushed hard but hills, cold, and slippery didn't help; 32 minutes was all I could manage.
Friday I chose not to run. Again really cold, and I wonder if I'm just overdoing it sometimes. I've slightly shortened the running schedule by necessity, and I'm not exactly flying through the P90X program. But I need more sleep and I need to maybe moderate more workouts? Hmm
Therefore Friday I didn't run. I did do 530am plyometrics (day 30) and then ab ripper x but that's all. No run lol. Leg day.
What's missing? A weekly long run.
Tomorrow maybe?
It is supposed to warm up...

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