Thursday, March 24, 2011

Success...sort of...

Ugh sometimes it can be so hard to get things in when you need to! With husband leaving town for a couple days it's important to run when kids are in school, or be stuck working out in the basement (I could use more cross training, honest!) This morning I was so not expecting to be taking the kids to school but I did.  At 2 different times at that.  I dressed for running when I took the first load into town, dropped them off, and headed off for a nice 8 km loop. Wow did I miscalculate that.  Because of where I parked, I was off a bit on my estimation...I ended up going 9.7 km back to my car. Oops. I was therefore late for picking up lot 2 of children, but luckily Scott had made an appearance and took the older ones to school so I could shower and dress and get off to work.  9.7 km in 1:01: ish not bad for running around on a strained ankle.  OMG I ran on the Cobequid trail and I have NO idea who is going to clean up all that dog shit from a winter of stupid people letting their dogs shit whereever? WTF? Nice, people.  I wont be taking my dogs there for a while. It's toooooo dirty and Im not walking dogs from shit pile to shit pile.  Sometimes dogs owners just suck. 

Notice no P90X updates in awhile? I seem to have fallen off the wagon.  after the weekend, when its hard to get workouts in due to hockey, I had the flu and have been extremely tired since. Running is my first priority and it's been all Ive handled this week past.  I do intent to start week 5 over again, possibly tomorrow or Saturday now that the girls' regular hockey seasons are over.

Will update.

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