Thursday, March 24, 2011

We need a Redo

The damned flu bug has wreaked havoc in our house this past week and a half, there was not a single day over the kid's march break and beyond that did not have someone feeling ill or vomiting. Or worse.
So it was not a huge shock when it hit me. No it was still sorta. I eat well, wash my hands, I should not get sick lol. But I did. Good and sick. I took Monday off anyway; seems a nice rest after busy weekends and a long day on Monday in class. But I had big plans for a long run on Tuesday. I was instead sick all through the night and into the next day. I spent all of Tuesday in bed or very near bed. Ugh I hate being sick bad enough but the recovery is always so long.
Wednesday morning I could barely wake. I slept badly the night before and after 6 I was still barely awake. Dragging out of bed was really hard. Smells made me feel terrible. Working the day was somewhat better; once out of bed things get easier. After Work plans changed a little when Taylor did not go swimming so I took a very dangerous chance and I went home to run from there. Home can be a huge energy suck; once you walk in the door there are distractions and energy just seeps away until you don't go anywhere. But I dressed and got out the door into the amazing weather anyway. I went in a long sleeved shirt and tights, a head band rather than a hat. It was slightly chilly in spots but so nice! The sun felt very nice! Planning a short run, I went up the hill to 3 km then turned back. Once I got to the big hill I was feeling super and I lengthened my stride and took in the sun and was singing a song and then. It happened. I wasn't watching closely enough; the sun and tree shade were playing games...and I stepped in a little teensy washout and turned my ankle over. And to not fall onto the road in front of a car I stepped right on the top of my foot (dirt on my shoe showing me where). I didn't fall. I said oh no lol. And I walked. At least I could. It REALLY hurt. My shoe felt tight very fast. I limped for about 30 seconds but I was only 4 km into a 6.4 km run and there was no one to take me home; so I figured I might as well see if I could run. It did not hurt more to run, so I did. Slowly I think. Little faster as I got closer to home. I pulled up in front of the house with 6.4 km in 40:20 which isn't as far off my intended time as I thought it would be.
I iced ankle and foot and went to bed. This morning it looks normal but hurts quite badly. I'm going to try a run this morning; changing plans a little since I guess I'm taking the kids to school. maybe I will walk instead. Not a good morning to try the trails. Lol

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